Today in this blog post we are going to discuss and review the 10 best restaurants on Disney Springs. There are many restaurants available on Disney Springs, how are you going to supposed where or which restaurant can entertain you with its food and atmosphere. We shall outline our list of the best restaurants on Disney Spring here on Orlando Lanes.

How we Prepare Our List of Best Restaurants in Disney Springs?

There’s a huge variety of dining options available within the four distinct neighborhoods in Disney Springs, so many that you may need a helping hand in deciding which restaurant is best and at what price. We of course can’t give an objective list of the best restaurants on Disney Spring. However, there are some methods to our selection of the best restaurants, where to spend your money within this theme park of food.

Below is the list of top 10 best restaurants we pick from Disney Springs. Our ranking is based on a combination of our experiences, but It’s mostly influenced by reviews We’ve seen online but we’ve increased the rank of some restaurants because of offering great value. Which is why we’ve included four quick-service restaurants that are cheaper than the six-order table-service options.

On our list as we know many shall appreciate having some cheap eat in there when we said cheap that our mean within the context of Disney World. If we catch our drift ranking restaurants are always disputable, so please help me out in the comments if you disagree with the choices or if there were any clearing emissions that you spotted. Let’s not waste any more time and get on with the list.

The Boathouse

We’re number one, we have chosen The Boathouse, as being the best restaurant in Disney springs which we want to you can now safely say has become its most iconic restaurant. This is a gigantic table service restaurant with a seafood focus owned by the Gibson’s Restaurant Group. An interesting thing about the boathouse is that they have an actual dock for speed boats as well as their signature MP cars that you can drive on land as well as water. It’s, just a shame that this is really expensive at $125 for 20 minutes. The boathouse has a really nice spot in the Disney springs landing area and offers incredible views with a wonderful atmosphere. The entrees at the boathouse will range from around 25 to 45 dollars.

The boathouse gets four point three five out of five on TripAdvisor. The good reviews are talking about the stunning and nautical thing, the spacious bars, the terrace, and they have amazing oysters shrimp, lobster, tuna, crab the list goes on. The Gibson’s sandwich burger is always recommended by staff, as well as people online and in our opinion that the best burger you will get in Disney springs and maybe in Disney World. Altogether, we do read one three-star review where someone noted that the ambience of the restaurant comes across as very casual, which was not much try.

Blaze Pizza

our pick for number 2, which in our not so, controversial opinion is the best pizza and quick-service restaurant option in Disney Springs which is of course Blaze Fast Fried Pizza. This is a very well-respected chain restaurant that does some custom bill artisan pizzas freshly made salads blood orange lemonade and small pies. This fast casual restaurant features an interactive assembly line format that allows guests to customize their pizza choose from over 40 fresh artisanal toppings, all for one price the 11 inch. Pizzas are fast fired in a blazing hot open flame oven and ready to enjoy in just 180 seconds, it’s kind of like an upmarket subway.

Before pizzas those looking for gluten-free food will be pleased to know that they do a hugely popular gluten-free base and vegans are not left out as well as they do great vegan cheese here. Blaze is situated within the town center area of Disney Springs. All the pizzas ablaze cost $10, which is his key reason why it’s held in such high regard and it’s why it’s this high on our list place gets 4.5 9 out of 5 on TripAdvisor which makes it the highest-reviewed restaurant inn the whole of Disney Springs including both quick service and table service restaurants. Would you believe those that enjoyed it, which is obviously a lot of people are praising the amazing value in a place that rarely has such opportunities.

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Wine Bar George

Next that number three is Wine Bar George, which is a fairly new table service restaurant option in Disney Springs. Although, the name suggests wine bar and this is obviously the main focus, they do have some great dinner options on their menu too, which has been a huge hit ever since this place opened a few years ago it’s a very limited menu, but the items are perfect for wine pairing. But if you’re not planning to drink Ryan. We should say that there are likely better suited options in our list. This restaurant has two floors. The first, which is quite noisy whereas the second floor is much quieter with more tables.

Available, the décor is quite unusual which is pretty spare and industrial with exposed air vents concrete floors and brick walls. We’ve seen it described as a typical repurposed hipster warehouse feel that we want to capture it pretty well. Wine Bar George is in the landing section of Disney Springs halfway between the boat-house and the Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar and around, the corner from Morimoto Asia and Raglan Road.

This small plate dinner menu items average at around 15 to 25 dollars on a dinner menu. Entrees average around $35. Wine Bar George gets 4.51 out of 5 on TripAdvisor and as a result, this is the second-highest rated restaurant in Disney Springs. The positive reviews are talking about the amazing selection of wines by the glass. The bottle even the outs, which is matched by its high quality food. If you know a lot about wine you’ll find a lot to like here but even if you don’t this is the place to learn due to its accessible approach affordable prices and super friendly staff. Those that didn’t enjoy it refers to it being a bit loud and noisy at the weekend.

Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’

On our list at number four we have Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ which in a relatively short space of time has quickly become one of the most popular table service restaurants serving. This restaurant was created by a chef Art Smith, who was Oprah’s personal chef for what that’s worth, and he’s been featured on the shows such as Top Chef Masters. We’ll find Home Come kitchen in the heart of Disney Springs where the town center and the landing came together. The entrees at home came in kitchen average at around 30 dollars.

This restaurant gets a whopping 4.37 out of 5 on TripAdvisor. Those that enjoyed it they love that it was high-quality food in huge portions. Those that didn’t refer to the tables being a bit too close together and a minority of guests say that it was a bit expensive for a restaurant that specializes in comfort food.

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Raglan Road Irish Pub

Starting the second half of our list at number five is the Old Faithful Raglan Road Irish Pub and table-service restaurant. There’s been many changes in Disney Springs area over the past couple decades, but this table-service restaurant has survived the changes. There’s great drinks, live music, dancing, it’s one of those places, where you’re less likely to notice long wait times, but the best thing about Raglan Road is just how authentic the Irish food is here.

This restaurant is located in the landing section of Disney Springs entrees cost roughly between 20 and 35 dollars wrap and robe gets four points two four out of five on TripAdvisor. Those who enjoyed it love for the authentic Irish food and the fantastic entertainment. Those that didn’t often have to wait too long to be seated and some didn’t get a good enough view of the entertainment. We probably shouldn’t recommend this place, if you’re looking for a catch up with friends as the noise levels are higher, than most of the places.

Enzo’s Hideaway

Next up at number 6 is Enzo’s Hideaway, which is an Italian table-service restaurant with an intimate 1920s speakeasy vibe. Our serves prohibition-era cocktails and hearty Italian dishes whilst inspired by, Florida’s true history of the room running the service is reminiscent of being at an Italian family dinner. Enzo’s hideaway is situated in the landing section of Disney Springs. It’s really hard to find unless you’re specifically looking for it it’s not that far away from the era file balloon ride. Enzo’s hideaway cost roughly between 25 and 40 dollars.

This restaurant gets four points three one out of five on TripAdvisor. Those that enjoyed it are talking about the delicious Italian cuisine and the supercool atmosphere. Those that didn’t were not fans of the theming and some felt that the service was not quite up to scratch.

D-Luxe Burger

At number 7 is another quick service restaurant Deluxe Burger. This ranch inspired eatery serves gourmet burgers fresh hand-cut fries house-made dipping sauces and gelato shakes. Deluxe burger is located in the town center area of Disney Springs near the Welcome Center. The burgers cost around 12 to 13 dollars and regular fries will cost you $4.99.

Deluxe burger gets 3 points 9 9 out of 5 on TripAdvisor. In own opinion the best quick-service burger you can grab in Disney Springs. Those that left good reviews refer to the quality of the juicy burgers and the fries, the speed of the service, the variety of sauces, and the milkshakes. Those who don’t rate we have referred to the side-order options being underwhelming. if you do choose Deluxe burger be sure to check out the secret mobile ordering menu.

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The Polite Pig

At number eight we have The Polite Pig which is a hipster barbecue quick-service restaurant with a southern rustic theme. This place is owned by local Floridians James Julie and Ryan Petrakis. The food it also stands out with its draft pea options and huge bourbon collection. The polite pig is located in the town center section of Disney Spring as close to the world of Disney Store.

As it’s a quick-service restaurant. The prices are a lot lower than most of the restaurants on our list however this is the most expensive of all the quick-service restaurants that we’ve included. If you order an entrée from this smoker menu these come with a side as well as a side of slaw, and these options range from between 16 to 22 dollars. The plight pink gets 4.1 five out of five on TripAdvisor which makes it the second-highest reviewed quick service restaurant in Disney Springs. Those that enjoyed, it refers to its tasty barbecue food and the interesting sides a lot of people are praising the barbecue cauliflower in particular and those that didn’t enjoy it felt that the prices were a bit too close to a table-service restaurant.

Morimoto Asia

Next at number nine is Morimoto Asia. This table-service restaurant is the creation of the famous Iron Chef winner Masaharu Morimoto, who has restaurants all over the world. Morimoto Asia is a pan Asian cuisine restaurant, so we’ll get sushi, Thai, Korean, and Chinese options. This restaurant is located in the landing part of Disney springs. In my opinion, easily the most stylish-looking restaurant in Disney Springs both inside and out. The entrees typically cost between 28 and 60 dollars. If it was purely down to the quality of food this restaurant would easily be in our top five maybe even top three. However, it doesn’t offer the best value in my opinion.

Let us know in the comments if you disagree with that Morimoto Asia gets 3.95 ratings on TripAdvisor. The positive reviews are raving about the ribs many saying that they’re the best spareribs. You ever get the negative reviews refer to the service being a bit slow at busy times and not being a good value option comparatively in business brings.

Chicken guy

On top of our list of 10 best restaurants on Disney Spring is Chicken Guy. This quick-service restaurant is the creation of the very famous celebrity chef Guy Fieri. It serves up delicious and juicy tenders that can be paired with more than 20 varieties of house-made sauces, it’ll be able to choose from grilled or fried all-natural chicken tenders and the sandwiches. Chicken guy is situated in the town center area right, next door to the Planet Hollywood Observatory.

On TripAdvisor reviews are incredible with the vast majority of reviews being 5 stars with very few negative reviews. Chicken guy scores three point nine one out of five people who enjoy this restaurant are referring to the good value compared to other options nearby and in particular the amazing selection of dipping sauces. Those that didn’t enjoy it refers to their being insufficient seating and queues at the counter at busy times.


Thank you for reading our top 10 list of the best restaurants on Disney Springs, Orlando. We really hope it’s useful for you as there are so many good dining options on Disney Springs despite what some locals will tell you we want to explain what we’ve figured out by doing great research on users reviews on TripAdvisor etc. I hope you, our lists are helping you guys in making your Disney’s trip memorable.

Thank you for reading our blog post. We will come up with more exciting stuff in our Orlando travel guide. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in our comments section.