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Best Restaurants for Kids in Orlando

Our today’s pick is restaurants that offer full entertainment for kids in Walt Disney World. We are talking about the best Disney World sit-down restaurants for kids so these are table-service restaurants where you go in and you sit down and these are the ones that we think your kids are going to love a lot. We also have published a blog post about best Citywalk restaurants as well.

50s Primetime Café in Hollywood Studios

50s Primetime Café in Hollywood Studios is great because the kids get to dive into the food they’re going to love. Things like chicken nuggets fried-chicken big huge desserts on Sundays and they also might get to watch mom and dad are put in the corner for not eating their veggies or for putting their elbows on the table it’s fun and we think the kids will love it.

Disney’s Beach Club Resort

Speaking of desserts our next top sit-down restaurant for kids is Peaches and Cream and Disney’s Beach Club Resort. This one is a teeny tiny soda shop where they’ve got great food but the desserts are really amazing and your kids’ eyes are going to get as big as saucers after tasting their desserts.

They have kid-friendly foods like hot dogs, hamburgers, and things like that but don’t worry mom and dad the food here is great, and we think you’ll enjoy it as well. Be sure to get the grilled cheese sandwich and tomato bisque if it’s on the menu now.

Polynesian Village Resort

Of course, how could we not mention character meals your kids will probably love character meals if they love characters. If they have a specific character or movie that they enjoy heading up some character meals. We do love guard and grill in Epcot we love Ohana for breakfast over at Polynesian Village Resort Tusker House is run over an animal kingdom.

If you have a princess fan go to Cinderella’s royal table, anyway there are tons of great character meals, you just have to kind of weed out the ones that your little one is going to enjoy now here is when you might not expect.

Coral Reef – Seas with Nemo & Friends

we recommend coral reef for kiddos this is a higher-end restaurant with fancier food, but the crazy part is you are seated inside a giant aquarium. This one’s a napkin over by the living sea. Sorry now, these days it’s called the Seas with Nemo & friends.

When I grew up it was the Living Seas to the coral reef is in that pavilion and you are literally inside a floor-to-ceiling aquarium it’s so much fun to look at all of the sea life going by there are giant tortoises that you might be able to see. It’s just a blast to eat there and believe me, there are always kids with their noses pressed up against that aquarium glass. Try that out if you have an animal lover kid.

Mickey’s Backyard Barbecue

Another fun one for the kids is Mickey’s backyard barbecue and a lot of people don’t even know this exists this is over at Fort Wilderness. Fort Wilderness is just a go-to for food. If you can get yourself over there it takes a lot of effort to get over there but pretty much every location, there for dining is worth it.

Mickey’s backyard barbecue opens seasonally, and there are only certain times and certain days that are available to visit but it’s just pretty much what it says. It’s a giant outdoor picnic BBQ with Mickey Minnie and Friends and the food is going to be a barbecue only and fun to do for Thanksgiving. We had someone do a guest review on Orlando Lanes of Thanksgiving at Mickey’s backyard barbecue, and we liked it if you’ve been to Mickey’s backyard barbecue, please leave us a comment we can’t wait to hear your thoughts because again it’s an under-the-radar character meal.

OHANA at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

All right we’re going to go back to OHANA at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. You know we love this Resort for food and Ohana is one of our favorite restaurants’ kids will love this because they don’t just have to sit down and eat and you know keep their back straight there are lots of fun things for kids to do like coconut races.

There’s live entertainment and again the food is fun we think kids will love this plus you get those fireworks to view if you do eat there at fireworks time. You will get a great view of the fireworks and remember our tip and book for a fireworks table when you check-in. Mostly at the time of fireworks, the restaurant is overcrowded, and it is not possible to get a window table.


This is another under-the-radar restaurant, not a lot of people know about it who haven’t been to Disney World before. What’s great about this one same thing as Coral Reef you get a great view of the animals outside on the Savannah so your kid can just sit there and watch giraffes and zebras and cattle and all kinds of really cool animals out there.

Time for a special tip for you is not to make sure you go either in the morning or the afternoon so go for breakfast or go for lunch or early dinner so that the Savannah isn’t dark because when you’re seated inside Savannah and it’s light inside and it’s dark outside you’re not going to see the animals. Make sure you go when you’ll be able to see the animals and I can tell you when I took my very busy 2-year-old to Savanah that was the one meal where I could sit and eat in peace because he was so spellbound by what was going on outside the window.

Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant

So moms and dads for real this one is magical, sci-fi dines in might be great for your older kids, kids who were maybe 7 years old and up and probably going to love sci-fi. Again this is in Hollywood studios, where you sit in convertible cars to eat your meal and there’s a fun kind of 1960s B movies playing up on a big screen so the whole thing is kind of like you’re at a drive-in theater.

The food here is very kid-friendly, I don’t know if mom and dad will love it as much as the kids do, but it’s a highly imagined eared restaurant and one that I think is a restaurant that must be visited at least one time.

Splits Ville Entertainment & Bowling Center

when we think those older kids will think it’s cool all right we’re going to go to Downtown Disney, oh sorry Disney Springs my head is like stuck in the 80s and 90s when I do these voiceovers we’re going to do these Springs and over to splits Ville let’s fell is a bowling alley slash restaurant slash bar and lounge it’s a chain you may have a splits Ville in your hometown but this is a fun place where the kids can Bowl and you can get some decent food because the food isn’t all burgers and Fries you can get some decent food at splits Ville and it’s just a fun occasion.

T-Rex Café

For the whole family to save this one for a rainy day when you’re in Disney it’s there in Disney Springs and goes to t-rex you’re like I can’t believe she’s taking me to the t-rex but you know what we do here at Disney food blog is we want to give you the recommendations that we think will suit your family regardless of you know whether the food is upper-echelon quality or not.

I will tell you any little kid who loves dinosaurs is going to love the t-rex and it’s going to be their favorite restaurant this is a very highly themed restaurant with tons of big huge dinosaur animatronics inside every room is a different theme you can eat in an ice cave which I don’t recommend because it makes your food look blue and weird but kids love the t-rex and honestly the food isn’t that bad I mean it’s pretty bad it’s not that bad so if you have a little kid who loves dinosaurs you got to go to t-rex.

Sushi & Japanese Restaurant

I’m going to talk about a toe tap and Otto is in Japan and Epcot this is a Hibachi restaurant so it’s like Benihana if you have a Benihana in your hometown again there’s an entertainment factor here the kids love watching those chefs entertain and make the food and of course a lot of the chefs this is Disney so they know how to handle kids and they know how to do fun things with it with the cooking that entertains the kids so this is a really fun one to do with your kids and the food is excellent as well they do a good job with the food here so mom and dad you’re going to enjoy this as well.

Biergarten Restaurant

I’m going to bring Biergarten back into the mix this is an Epcot as well in Germany, and the reason why this is fun for kids is that there’s so much entertainment there’s a huge dance floor so they can go dance around and get out some of that energy it’s made for great pictures if you have Grandma and Grandpa dancing with the toddler oh my gosh so there are lots of reasons to recommend Biergarten but the kids do enjoy it too because it is a lot of fun.

Alright so those are our favorite restaurants for kids in Orlando and again these are not counter service these are all sit-down restaurants places where you can go make a reservation and sit down and relax and take a load off and get some air conditioning except for the backyard barbecue then you’re outside so you’re on your own with the air conditioning all right hope you enjoyed please let us know in the comments your kids’ favorites and if your kid is watching this with you let him type in hey I love these restaurants guys, these are my favorites because I want to know what I can recommend on your behalf thanks for reading this Orlando travel guide at our website.