In this blog post, we are going to talk about things to do in Orlando for adults. Orlando is identified as the Theme Park Capital of the World which is not surprising due to the fanciful world, colorful cartoon characters, fantasy princess, and their charming castles. These are a few reasons due to which Orlando is every kid’s first choice.

By seeing these real facts definitely question came into your mind!

Is Orlando, which is the Magic kingdom of princesses and kids fantasy world can offer an adult-friendly travel experience? So the answer is Yes, Rather than the fact that Orlando is a kid-friendly vacation spot it also has a lot of things to enjoy for adults. It could be shopping, dining, nature, or adventure you will find all in this energetic and vibrant city. There are many nightclubs in Orlando where you can go for drinking and dancing etc.

Here I’m providing a list of the wonderful activities for adults in Orlando. So, check out the list of the activities you can enjoy.

Adventurous Things to Do in Orlando for Adults

If you like adventure and want to add more adventure in your life to make it interesting and full of zest then Orlando has many things to do that would be adventurous.

1. Boggy Creek Airboat Tours

I think everyone knows that Orlando is an alligator harbor. Not only Orlando but also Florida. There are rare chances that you visit Orlando and during your tour, you did not see an alligator at least for one time.

Not that usual that they are wandering in the main street however you will see alligators in the ponds and lakes. If you like to see an alligator through air boating over ponds full of alligators then visit Boggy creek and try an airboat tour.

It will be a memorable experience of your life that you will travel to the Kissimmee wetlands. Air boating is safe as well as an adventurous way. Besides the alligator, you will also get a chance to glimpse the Florida turtles, birds, and maybe snakes too.

If you fond of exploring wildlife then you definitely take time to experience wild Florida where you will see closely their beautiful sloth friends and spend time with other animals as well like albino alligators.

2. Go to Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center is sited at Cape Canaveral that about an hour’s distance from Orlando. This is the most supreme attraction.
I assure, that it’s not only for kids rather adults can also have fun there.

If you one of them who loves to know about space and maybe at a kid’s age want to be astronauts it’s time to live your dream by exploring astonishing flashes of space history, and you can also see the artifacts from previous space missions.

At Kennedy Space Center exhibition of the Space Shuttle occur where you have an opportunity to look at shuttles that served the mission.
By going here, you can idealize how life could be while in orbit.

3. Indoor skydiving

Want to taste the adventure of sky diving without jumping from a plane? So, fortunately, your tour to Orlando has some fruitful results. Orlando has a bunch of indoor sky diving at iFly.

To explore this adventure you just need to listen carefully to experts there and have to learn in which position you have to maintain your body over the flying machines. Professional instructions will help you to stay up in the air and explore the feeling of skydiving.

Experts will stay with you in the wind tunnel for your safety and help you to adjust your position but the situation is like that you still feel rush.

Things to Do in Orlando for Adults in Theme Parks

Orlando is popular for its theme parks and when you listen about amusement parks most of you think that’s kid’s spots for vacation sorry but you are wrong.

I made some adult-specified selections of Orlando Theme parks. In Orlando, the best adult-theme parks with a lot of fun and energy waiting for you.

1. Disney Springs

As I mentioned Disney Springs, Yes it’s not only restrained for kids but also has a lot of options for adults like dining complex, and shopping. Even kids need adults while visiting this spot because they cannot be able to do purchasing there if they do not afford it.

You rather spend all day shopping at Disney theme shops or you have also an option to sit aside grab your drink and watch people and analyze where life is going.

2. Universal CityWalk

CityWalk that is actually dining complex and universal’s shopping. So, it’s a place where you can find the best dining options as well as enjoy shopping at your favorite brands. Check out these best CityWalk restaurants as well.

If you want to have fun with your group of friends then it is the perfect place for you with a lively environment and nice music as well the option of dining is here. So, go and make some remarkable memories

3. Epcot

This Disney Park is not only for children but also has plenty of options for adults like places to eat and drink and also there are different sections representing world showcase.

Epcot is the vocational spot for adults that hosts annual festivals of Arts and flowers also the food and wine festival and it is one of the things to do in Orlando for adults

Epcot is one of the topmost choices where the “drink around the world” challenge is waiting for adults. If you like challenges then go ahead and test yourself. This spot is really adorable for its freshness. Rather you do a challenge or wander from Norway to Canada it’s full of many things to see and cherish.

Outdoor Things to Do for Adults

Though Orlando weather is always changing and unpredictable so often it becomes hard to spend time outside but there are times of the year like winter when you can enjoy spending time outside.

If you are a person who loves outdoor activities then see suggestions about things to do in Orlando outside.

1. Harry P. Leu Gardens

Most people are tired of the hustle-bustle routine and want a break to enjoy the simplicity of life and want to feel the beauty of nature.
So, Harry P. Leu Gardens is the best place having a lot of things to rejoice like a rose garden, stunning tropical rainforest sector, and most adorable is a butterfly garden that is made to attract butterflies as many as possible.

It’s also a favorite place for locals to enjoy and cherish fresh air, this 50-acre garden gives you many options to explore the beauty of nature.
It’s all up to you if you want to spend the whole day there or just want to stay for an hour to gain peace of mind and soul.

2. Lake Eola

Orlando has more options for adults that also called the heartbeat of Orlando which is Lake Eola. This is the perfect place to cherish peace.
Here you can wander around the lake or can explore the experience of a paddleboat on the lake choice is yours.

Go visit and enjoy your time by sitting on benches and feel the fresh and nice fragrance of beautiful flowers and if you are hungry not worry. Because this place has a lot of eatery options offering a delicious menu.

3. Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve

Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve situate to the west of Orlando and it’s perfect for those who love to explore wildlife species. This has a beautiful nature center and well-structured trails that give the option to take a tour through Florida wilderness.

It is the perfect spot for family visits as well for couples. Through the tour, you can explore pine forests, swamps, and lakeshores. Be lively as you even can see owls, osprey, and other birds because this nature center is home to them.

Cultural Things to Do in Orlando

When anyone says Orlando the thing that comes into the mind of most people is amusement parks that are not true. Orlando has many places that are related to cultural things to do in Orlando. This will give you an idea of local people as well as a whole view of arts and culture.

Here I sum up some cultural-related spots that you would love to visit.

1. Celebration

Many things are attractive inland of Orlando for adults. You can celebrate your happiness there. In Orlando, there are many things in which we can see the culture of Orlando and explore it. Orlando is also called the town of celebration. The main source of Celebration is the Walt Disney Company in Orlando. This place is famous for its unique values and culture because if you visit this place, you come back to the old days where small towns exist with Main Street.

It’s the place of celebration where you can see the culture of the old days in that day’s small towns and congested streets exist, but they were so attractive same as it is you can feel that attractiveness by these present small towns that the people make of Orlando. In that place, restaurants are also so charming fully decorated that is the main source of celebration.

2. Bob Carr Theater

If you are an entertainment lover and want to enjoy a superb comedy show or concerts and theater lover you must visit Bob Carr Theater. This theater has a unique history it opened in 1927 in Orlando and from that period to this period a lot of things were modified and many famous singers and comedians perform there. People come there from the whole world to enjoy the performances and shows in Bob Car Theater. The famous and well-named host hosted in this theater-like Elvis Presley.

3. Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center

The best place for shows in Orlando for adults is Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center where adults can enjoy there with many famous shows. Its also called the largest theater in Orlando because there almost 20 thousand seating capacity. This center was opened in 2014 from that period to this period so many modifications occur. You can visit this place and enjoy yourself a lot.

4. Winter Park

Whenever you have a chance to come to Orland you must visit Winter Park that is a city next to Orlando. This city is famous for its wonderful restaurants and places where you can feel nature very closely you can also enjoy delicious food if you are a food lover. A big museum is also located in this city called Charles Hosmer Morse Museum. In This museum, you can see beautiful glass work that you have never seen before. You must spend your time in this city because you will discover useful things in the winter park.

Things to Do in Orlando for Sporty Adults

If you love sports and love playing games you must visit Orlando because it’s a hub of sports like golf basketball racing cricket and football etc. This is especially for adults.

1. Golf

This is the game that is played in Orlando with different courses like shingle creek golf and North Shore Golf Club. In Orlando, Disney land has a special club for this game. The players love to play this game in sunny weather. So you must visit if you want to play golf with full of enjoyment.

2. Daytona Speedway Tour

You must take a tour of Daytona Speedway if you want to see Daytona 500 in the off-season. You must enjoy this tour because this tour gives you plenty of experience.

3. Go to a Water Park

If you love to swim and you are crazy about rivers and water you must visit a water park. If you want to make your tour adventures and thrilling you must enjoy water slides there. You must enjoy thereby doing a lot of stuff like swimming with racing and enjoy and spend your all day in a pool. So if you are in the mood for swimming you must visit water parks in Orlando.

Foodie Things to Do in Orlando

If you fond of food and love to fill your stomach with delicious foods you must visit Orlando. There you can find desserts you never taste before. But before you go to Orlando and taste these foods you read this article where I provide you a list of food in Orlando for adults.

1. Dine at Disney Restaurant

There are some lists of restaurants mentioned here where you can take your dinner with super cool cozy night and spend your best time with friends and also for a date for adults.

The first one is the California grill this is located on the rooftop where you can enjoy the beautiful view of nature and enjoy your nighttime with a wonderful dinner. This restaurant provides you a dinner with fresh ingredients that make you feel fresh.

The second one is Disney springs in Orlando that is also famous for its special dinner and the third one is where you can find the crowd of adults in the boathouse. So you must visit Orlando not only for Disney but also for food because it provides you the best food for adults.

2. Lakeridge Winery and Vineyards

If you want to find the best wine and you are a wine lover you must take a winery tour to Orlando because there you find the places that are especially for wine lovers like Lakeridge Winery and Vineyards that is located in Clermont west to downtown Orlando. This place is opened in 1989 and from that period to this period, about 100 acres of the landscape produce wines.

In Orlando, festivals arrange for wine lover’s where they can purchase wine as a gift for their wine lovers friends. Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon are made with grapes that provide an area located in Orlando. So you can visit Orlando not only for Disney but also for its place for winery lover’s.

3. Take a Food Tour

Sometimes it’s better to explore the history or something new as compared to only see the things so I suggest that you must take a food tour of Orlando on that tour you can explore the foods that you have never seen before and your tour guides help you to provide you some interesting facts about these dishes and also provide you a history of these foods so you can easily know their culture and some foodie locations. So if you have a plan to visit Orlando you must take a food tour to Orlando that is especially for adults.

Indoor Activities for Adults

The weather of Orlando is unpredictable you don’t know the exact temperature it might be freeze in January or it might be 100 degrees in August so you should find things to do indoors as compared to outdoors so that why I provide you a list that you easily decide what things you do in indoor in Orlando for adults.

1. Mall of Millenia

If you are a shopping lover you must visit Orlando for shopping as well as window shopping because there is a lot of unique things that you have never seen before. And the best mall for shopping in Orlando is the Mall of Millenia and you also visit the stores like Gucci boss etc. in that stores you can purchase a better quality. If you want to purchase a lot of things you must visit stores that offer you a reasonable price like Victoria secret.

2. Spa Treatment

The person should love himself or herself first and then others and you should pamper yourself so that’s why in Orlando you can find the best hotels that provide you the best spa treatment and also massage. The famous place for the spa is Grand Floridian in Disney world. So you must visit these places for a spa treatment.

3. Titanic Exhibition

In Orlando, a Titanic Exhibition is arranged for adults and especially for those who love to titanic voyage so that’s why in this exhibition some people act in the ship and portray you a better understanding towards titanic. So all titanic voyage lovers must visit this exhibition and enjoy themselves.


So whenever you make a plan to visit Orlando you must plan it for some days not only for a single day because it’s impossible to cover all these things to do in Orlando in a single day.

If you like this blog post, don’t forget to share this useful and informative article with your friends and family member who are planning tour to Orlando. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section.