The journey to find the best sushi is a never-ending expedition for those looking to experience the best sushi in Orlando. For sushi lovers, we not only point out the top sushi restaurants in Orlando but additionally the high-quality happy hour and sushi combinations. We mean good-quality beverages and sushi at low costs.

Though, if you are searching for a full dining experience with sushi and other options, we have it on the list as well. Whenever you’re in Orlando, stop by and check out one of the best sushi places the city has to offer.

Sushi is frequently as skillful as it is mouth-watering, and options abound in Orlando. Unsurprisingly, some of the best places in town come in the form of restaurants hidden in plain sight, tucked away in a shopping mall waiting to be discovered.

Some are extremely local, visited by takeaways like clients, others are superb for parties or date night, casual or chic dates. Orlando’s sushi scene has grown over the past decade with eating places presenting large cuts of sashimi, maki, and nigiri in actually every corner of Orlando.

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Best Sushi in Orlando

Indulging in expensive and lavish omakase is now as not unusual as playing thoughtful, old-style planning in a neighborhood retreat. The list below features the best sushi in Orlando to satisfy that dose of sushi.

Sushi Katana

Sushi Katana chefs have more than 35 years of experience. This ensures which you get a first-class sushi roll or meal organized by way of a person who is aware of what they are doing. They use only the hottest, freshest, and good quality ingredients, paired with a variety of innovative sauces to make great sushi rolls.

Sushi Katana is a fusion restaurant located on 4192 Conroy Rd #103 Orlando. Sushi Katana is the most popular restaurant specializing in sushi and culinary appetizers. They offer an extensive diversity of maki sushi, from seaweed-free to yasai and everything in between. They also have sashimi and nigiri as well as a selection of starters and cooked dishes.

When you were craving sushi then must visit this place. Wow! This place is a hidden gem. Here you can order a spider roll and spicy amberjack all items were fresh and delicious.

Kabooki Sushi

Chef Henry Moso at the gentle age of 22 opened Kabooki. Though, this was handiest the continuation of his cooking career which commenced at the age of 15 while he worked in his mother’s eating places Bangkok square and Origami Sushi.

In his restaurant, he uses local seasonal ingredients with the best cuts in Japan. He has three objectives to control the quality of his menu, surprise, and excitement.

When you visit Kabooki, a comprehensive experience awaits you. Chef Moso strives to bring the sophistication of French preparation, the liveliness of Mexican flavors, and the cultural integrity of Japan to his menu. Chef Moso has been chosen for the James Beard Award for Rising Star Chef of the Year only due to his culinary groundwork and dining environment.

This place is the best choice for fresh and delicious sushi located at 3122 E Colonial Dr in Orlando. Their updated dining room is airy, inspiring, and the essence of modern, yet still comfortable and attractive. If you haven’t been back for a while and want best sushi in Orlando, I suggest you book now and enjoy the excitement that awaits you soon.

Oudom Thai & Sushi Orlando

Oudom is a family-run restaurant that is founded in 2004 and serves authentic Thai dishes and special sushi rolls. All of their dishes are homemade and prepared to order with recipes handed down from generation to generation.

They are well-known for their promise to not use frozen or prepackaged items and for that they pride themselves. Their goal is to satisfy every guest who walks through their doors and serves their local community.

Visitors admire their happy hour which features inexpensive drinks, small platters, sushi rolls, and other specialties. Their Thai menu offers recommendations from chefs and a wide range of other dishes to choose from – the level of spice can be determined by the guests.

They offered the best sushi in Orlando vegetarian, cooked, uncooked, and barely cooked rolls as well as nigiri and sashimi in their sushi menu for sushi lovers. Oudom Thai & Sushi Orlando is located at 100 S Eola Dr #105 in Orlando.

Here you can have a great experience. Happy hour is a great lychee martini for $ 4 and a great cucumber martini for $ 5! You can also have the Japanese bagel roll and satay from the happy hour menu which was also very good.

Kobe Japanese Steakhouse

Kobe Japanese Steakhouse is located at 8148 International Dr in Orlando that has served the Orlando and Tampa areas since 1984 that’s 37 years of experience. They have aimed to offer a fun experience for all types of diners, whether they are partying, for a relaxing evening, or looking for a fun and dynamic experience.

At Kobe, they treat all their staff as family and that extends to the guests who become friends and family. As they are owned by local owners, they can serve the best quality ingredients and ensure that quality is maintained in all meals.

Their menu includes sushi, chef combinations, teppanyaki and sushi dinners, and specialty rolls. They also have an extensive variety of branded and frozen drinks, beer, sake, and wine.

Exceptional service and great food. It’s a bit more costly but worth it. The May Holiday Blended Drink was mixed liberally. We recommend it to anyone who is here on vacation.

Seito Sushi

Since 2000 Seito Sushi has been proudly serving the best sushi in Orlando that’s now 21 years of good quality impressive service and wonderful food. Their menu is continuously developing and presently emphasizes fresh sushi rolls, cutting-edge Asian foods, and an Omaske menu that is the chef’s desire.

The Executive Chef and Sous Chef have mutual broad experience in the cooking industry, with their emphasis on local restaurants and ingredients. On their menu, you may discover a satisfying hour that includes only beverages. Seito Sushi has a separate menu for both sushi and dinner.

Seito Sushi is situated at 4898 New Broad St #32814 Orlando and here offered dinner menu includes a garden, raw foods, starters, binchotan grills, entrees, and desserts. Their sushi menu includes sashimi and nigiri, signature rolls, and a rollodex of your choice.

The food is the star of the show. Very accurately prepared and thought out. It’s nice to see an efficient catering operation and everyone feels like family when you walk in the door. You ate a lot of sushi, but the experience at Seito made it so much better.

Shakai Sushi Lounge

If there’s one constant aspect of Shakai Sushi that guests go crazy for, it’s happy hour. Sandwiches and appetizers start at $ 3 and go up to $ 5, cocktail starts at $ 2 and Wine starts at $ 3, so what’s wrong?

Shakai Sushi Lounge includes in the everyday menu, a massive range of sushi appetizers, sashimi, sushi, vegetarian rolls, ordinary and specialty rolls, as well as sushi entrees.

But, they offer a good deal more than sushi ordinary appetizers, important entrees, salads and soups, bento packing containers, stir fry entrees, and of the route, desserts. This does not contain their collection of sake, specialty drinks, wine, and beer. If you want to spend the best happy hour, stop by and try Shakai.

This HAS to be THE BEST Happy Hour Shakai Sushi Lounge that is located at 43 E Pine St in Orlando! Lots of offers on appetizers, nigiri, and sashimi. 4:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m., MSa. The sandwiches also come out quickly. Good atmosphere!


Have you been fond of trying a truly intimate, good-quality meal? Kadence offers you a warm and personalized culinary experience with its dining room that can accommodate 8 people.

Over the years, it has received many accolades such as Critic’s Choice for Best Japanese from Orlando Magazine and one of the best food and restaurants in Disney World, Orlando from Bloomberg.

Kadence is open for dinner by reserved table only, so be sure to call ahead before entering. Once you are seated they will treat you like a 5-star. They offered a multi-course tasting menu served with a carefully selected range of sake. They offer the best sushi in Orlando and it’s located at 1809 Winter Park Rd Orlando.

Everyone here is very intent and the sushi chef and apprentice are fun. The chefs are super careful every step of the way in the preparation and presentation of the dish. When you visit this place you will feel like heaven with all the delicious fish.

Dragonfly Robata Grill & Sushi

Dragonfly Robata Grill and Sushi knows how to move around a kitchen and a sushi bar. Using fish sourced from Japan and produce from local farms, the chefs at Dragonfly Robata proficiently combine fresh ingredients to create the best sushi in Orlando you’ve ever tasted.

On the menu, you will find a diversity of sashimi and maki sushi rolls. Gluten-free and vegan options are available. Do you need a full meal? Dragonfly also offers tasty Japanese appetizers and drinks to fill you up.

Dragonfly Robata Grill & Sushi is situated at 7972 Via Dellagio Way, Dr. Phillips, Horizons West and offers magical dining and the best sushi rolls as everything is amazing here.

Ta-Ke Sushi and Grill

Attractive, contemporary, and innovative. These are just a few words you can use to describe Ta-Ke Sushi and Grill. Placed inside the 1421 N Orange Ave Ivanhoe community, Ta-Ke Sushi and Grill is understood for its laid returned ecosystem and scrumptious sushi rolls.

Their menu has a lot for you a wide choice of starters, main courses, sushi combos, sashimi, and maki. Here you can fulfill any kind of craving as simple as a tuna roll or something with extra flavor like the Mango Tango Roll.

Everything is so delicious here! Mango tango is most people’s favorite! It’s super delicious, sweet, and refreshing! The Lion King lights up and tastes delicious too!


Looking for something best and fast that always does the trick? Then try Sushiology! This lovely restaurant is located in a mall on International Drive.

But don’t misjudge it because of his modest appearance. Once you visit this place you will find that Sushiology serves some of the best sushi in Orlando. From its fun tropical roll to the delicious tempura shrimp roll, Sushiology is sure to deliver. Order or go for your next lunch or dinner!

The people were extremely nice here. The place is tucked away in a mall, so you’ll have to do a bit more to try and find it on Main Street. Overall very well put together.


That was our list of 10 mind blowing places to enjoy best Sushi in Orlando. I hope you loved this collection of these amazing Japanese restaurants. If you like my effort, don’t forget to share this amazing information with your friends and family on your social profiles.