Our today’s pick in the restaurant section is about the best restaurants on International Drive. There are many restaurants available on International Drive, how are you going to supposed where to eat on your vacation if you are visiting International Drive. We shall outline our list of the best restaurants on International Drive here on Orlando Lanes.

We of course can’t give an objective list of the best restaurants. However, there are some methods to our choices. It’s mostly influenced by reviews We’ve seen online but we’ve increased the rank of some restaurants because of offering great value. We didn’t want the list to be completely dominated by super upscale, expensive restaurants So, it does have a sprinkle of our arbitrary tastes and fancy our list does favor some of the more established restaurants to have a long history of good review. So, it will neglect some of the smaller or newer developing restaurants. If your favorite isn’t on the list let us know about it in the comments We’d really appreciate some feedback on our the list and any recommendations and experiences that you can share alright.

So without any further delay here is our pick of 10 best restaurants serving on International Drive, Orlando

Maggiano’s Little Italy

On top of my list of 10 best restaurants at International Drive is Maggiano’s Little Italy. As you already know or like I guess this is an Italian restaurant which aims to provide the sort of food and hospitality that you’d get at your Italian grandmother’s home. The food is top-notch and the staff are drilled to make you feel like family. Maggiano’s is on the northwest corner of the Point Orlando triangle.

Reviews are incredible with the vast majority of reviews being 5 stars. Very few negative reviews. Entrees will set you back around 13 to 25 dollars but some of the seafood options will naturally be a bit more expensive so very reasonably priced, which really helped it in reaching the top spot on my list. This is a super-popular restaurant so booking in advance is absolutely crucial. Another good tip is that if you’re traveling by car you can park in the Point Orlando parking lot and Maggiano’s apparently will validate your ticket for that. I haven’t
verified this so do exercise some caution there.

Maggiano’s does offer vegan options but I couldn’t see any mention in the recent reviews. The only mention I did see was from 2011 which criticized the options therefore not a recommendation. I’d made to my vegan friends this restaurant does seem to be a great option for those looking for good vegan restaurant.

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Café Two to Tango

Number two on my list is Café Two to Tango. This restaurant specializes in Mexican, American, Latin, and Spanish food. It’s the light Philly eclectic and probably has to be the best-looking and most stylish restaurant on my list. It’s a hipster’s dream. This restaurant is situated about five minutes walk from icon park to the south.

It comes in at four and a half stars with over 2,200 reviews. The five-star reviews have double the four-star reviews always a good sign. Most of the entrees cost around $10 but these are appetizer-style portions that are meant to be shared so be prepared to order several dishes but even with that it’s still impressive volume again with this restaurant being so incredibly trendy. This may be affecting the reviews so if you’re a no-nonsense type personality maybe want to avoid.

This restaurant offers fantastic vegan options according to the reviews. This includes tacos roasted veggies curry cauliflower and hummus. We didn’t see any negative reviews with reference to the vegan options. They seemed to have decent gluten-free options, no one gave a negative review referring to these most of the five stars, however one reviewer in September 2018 did say that there was a limited select if you don’t go with the five-course deal.

Capital Grille

Next up at number three is the Capital Grille, specializing in dry-aged steaks with over 5,000 bottles of wine from its award-winning list. Capital Grille is situated in the south corner of the point Orlando triangle, about a 10-minute walk north from the Convention Center.

We’ve seen incredible reviews for this restaurant on its TripAdvisor listing as being the 33rd best restaurant in the whole of the land due to the prices. It’s a good job that it’s held in such high regard it’s not the cheapest to put it mildly the entrees do average at around
fifty to sixty dollars. I would say the price range is quite broad so you can get the roast chicken entrée for $33 but other options can cost up to $90 the vegan options are advertised but the only review mentioning how good the vegan food is over ten years old.

All reviews mentioning gluten-free gave five stars except for one which gave four. There is a dedicated gluten-free menu and staff seem to have good awareness so that’s good.

King Dining

Up next at number in this list is Kings Dining. This retro chic restaurant serves American gastropub cuisine it also offers twenty to ten-pin bowling lanes and four full-sized billiard tables if that sounds fun to you this restaurant should be on your radar. King Dining is located within icon Park on the north side.

The reviews of Kings online are so good that it makes absolutely no sense to me, it seems that the service is what’s really making the difference. Every other review is praising the quick service and in particular the friendly and highly attentive staff. I also have a suspicion that the reviews benefit from how stylish and trendy this place is and maybe this is Hugh because of how new it is.

I honestly couldn’t say entrees are around twelve to eighteen dollars and people online are satisfied with the value in terms of the quality I did however see two reviews saying that the wings here aren’t the best so I’d recommend avoiding these at Kings. Every single review mentioning the vegan options gave a five-star review with lots of praise for the options, I believe they do a vegan impossible burger here as well which is said to be great so definitely gets a big thumbs up with the vegan options in addition to the great vegan options. They also do great gluten-free choices with nothing but praise for the gluten-free menu.

Bahama Breeze

Next we have Bahama Breeze in our list of tastiest restaurants at International Drive. This is a forum Bahamian style restaurant serving all sorts of American foods be in Bahamian Cuban and Jamaican cuisine which when combined with the live Caribbean music and friendly service does make for a delightful dining experience. Bahama Breeze is kind of halfway between icon Park and points Orlando on the east side of I Drive.

Reviews are great four and a half star almost double the number of five-star reviews as there are four-star reviews with very few reviews under four stars once if I picked up online was to make sure you booked in advance for large groups as this is a popular restaurant.

Entrees costs between 13 and $25 so very reasonable, which is why it’s this high up on my list. All mention of the vegan options gave five stars so definitely I would say it’s a great option for vegans. Gluten-free choices have been some niggles over the years. They do have a gluten-free menu but I’ve heard the options for appetizers and desserts are lacking a bit some of the reviews are out of date so things may have changed somewhat since then. If you have kids and want to entertain them in restaurants, here is a list of 10 best restaurants to entertain kids in Orlando.

Vito’s Chop House

Next up in our list is Vito’s Chop House. If Vito’s management is to believe this restaurant is considered one of the best steak houses in America with a diverse selection of wine, they are correct. It’s located just south of icon Park about a 10-minute walk away

It gets four and a half stars with over 1600 reviews which when you look into the breakdown of the reviews this doesn’t quite do it justice. There really is a staggering proportion of five-star reviews which is just as well because you can expect to pay around roughly twenty-five to fifty
dollars for an entrée. Vegans are surprisingly welcome here.

I am told all reviews containing the vegan keyword gave a five-star review. So you’ve got five reviews praising the gluten-free options, but there was also a one-star review where apparently the waitress forgot that someone was gluten intolerant and there’s another three-star review from someone who wasn’t happy with the gluten-free dessert options so worth bearing in mind.

Charley’s Steakhouse

We have Charlie’s Steakhouse included in our list of 10 best restaurants at International Drive. This restaurant is named after Charlie, would be the co-founder of Red Lobster. Which was unfortunate to not make in our top 10 list. Charlie specializes in steak house and seafood. This restaurant is based in icon Park on the north side.

It gets four and a half stars from the vast majority that’s reviews being five-star reviews. The entrees range from $30 to $70, so it’s definitely not the cheapest but no surprise because this restaurant doesn’t advertise itself as being suitable for vegans. You do get a gluten-free menu based on the reviews.

Though I couldn’t see many people praising the options to be honest five out of seven people who mentioned gluten in their of you gave five stars but there was one three-star review which highlighted with a lack of gluten-free bread and poor choice with gluten-free desserts so maybe not the best choice on this list if you’re gluten intolerant.

Miller’s Ale House

At 8963 International Drive, we have the famous Miller’s Ale House which specializes in American Bar Grill pub food. We should say probably not suitable if you’re looking for a chilled dining experience but we should recommend it if you’re heading out for some drinks. Its located three minutes walk north of Point Orlando and next door to the famous Ice Bar.

This restaurant gets 4.5 on TripAdvisor with the 5-star reviews very comfortably in the lead. Entrees range from around fourteen to twenty dollars, which is pretty competitive for this area in International Drive.

There are vegan options at Miller’s, no one who mentioned vegan food gave a negative review on TripAdvisor. Book not convinced it is your best vegan choice. But vegans will be catered for so, gluten-free options I didn’t fortunately see two one-star reviews from back in 2017 from people referring to the gluten-free food. Everyone else, who seemed happy with the choices the one-star reviews could be isolated examples but in comparison to other restaurants we’ve seen we don’t think They’ve done enough for me to recommend this restaurant or both other restaurants on TripAdvisor for the gluten-free food.

Fogo the Show Brazilian Steakhouse

We have Fogo the Show Brazilian Steakhouse, a Brazilian restaurant with a very good amount of different dishes. Because its Brazilian steakhouse tradition, you will be fed a lot of meat So make sure you’ve made yourself as hungry as possible for an optimal experience this restaurant is on the west side of We Drive opposite Icon Park which is on the east side.

Fogo is really not the cheapest So we strongly recommend not bother with this restaurant unless you’re seriously prepared to do some eating. You’ll definitely need to to get your money’s worth. This restaurant does look like a perfect gluten-free choice with one reviewer saying that 99% of the options were gluten-free So good gluten-free options are available.

Chuy’s Fine Tex Mex Restaurant

On number 10 of our list, we choose Chuy’s Tex-Mex restaurant with a colorful atmosphere. This restaurant is located north from icon park on the east side. Their reviews are pretty solid. You will find double the fiver star reviews then 4-star reviews on TripAdvisor but the main reason this restaurant gets on the list is because it offers really good value for the quality of food and the portion sizes but it’s not the quietest restaurant. Keep in mind that the entrees cost around $12 and because of the high reviews. This just might be the best value restaurant on International Drive.

we saw only 2 reviews that mentioned vegan options both were 5 stars indicating that they were happy with what they chose, but we think it’s fair to say it’s probably not going to be the first choice for vegans. So all the reviews mentioning gluten-free gave 5 stars except for one 4 star reviews and all were praising the option and the knowledge from staff next up.


Thank you for reading our top 10 list of the best restaurants at International Drive, Orlando. I really hope it’s useful there’s so many good banning options on International Drive despite what some locals will tell you I want to just throw up on the screen some honorable mentions, that didn’t quite make it on the list if you’d like to read more about Orlando’s best restaurants and places etc. subscribe to our Orlando travel guide.