Orlando is not one of the cities that never sleeps but there are a lot of things to do in Orlando at night. To enjoy night-life in Orlando, there are a lot of options to consider like delicious dinner, bars, and Clubs for the party and evening shows for families.

After sunset, when a beautiful evening changes into the night it is the time when not only visitors but also locals come out rather they are on Disney property, hanging out on IDrive, or roving around Church Street they all enjoy themselves. Even the Orlando weather of snow cannot stop people to enjoy their evening outside the home. They love to make warm evenings and want to show their stylish evening outfits.

Things to Do in Orlando at Night

Try to make a schedule while visiting Orlando in 2021 and make sure that you must enjoy a late evening in Orlando as much as possible. In Orlando, you will find several things that you can enjoy after the kids go to bed. Orlando becomes an adult amusement park at night that contains nightclubs and comedy clubs to singing competitions. Here are our top tips on spending joyful nights in Orlando at night.

We have prepared this list that guide you on how and what things to do to relish nights in Orlando.

Have Paranormal Encounters in a Walking Ghost Tour of Downtown Orlando

If you love to do adventurous things then you have to go for the spooky tour in Orlando night where you can see the sights full of haunting stories and your tour guide helps you a lot for making this tour adventures by briefing you about the rules of the tour and give you ghost-hunting apparatus to boost your encounter with the paranormal.

Your tour guide also shares with you a hunting experience and brings you many places where he will tell you about personal ghost stories. There are many places on this tour that you can get Goosebumps when you will see the ghost hunting buildings and you can detect and feel the supernatural powers.

You have to control your screams and control your heartbeat if you want to visit those hunting places because this tour is not for minors and the persons who have no courage to face these adventure places.

Wall Street Plaza

Wall Street Plaza in Orlando is another place you can visit for your enjoyment. This place is for everyone not restricted only to Younger. This place is located between North Orange and North Court Avenues along a single city block. This Plaza is situated on eight different spots and every spot is famous for its own uniqueness and every spot or venue offers something interesting. On that night you can visit different bars and clubs and enjoy your night with full of enthusiasm because all these dance clubs and bars near to each other just a few steps far.

There are 2 days on which a single city block converts into one big block party and those days are Friday and Saturday. On what days you can enjoy music on every door and street of the different eight venues. If you want to go to a party and want to dance you must visit Wall Street Plaza.

Universal Citywalk

If you spend your Orlando night best you must have to experience University City Walk at the Orlando Resort in which you can dining or shopping and enjoying with a beautiful experience. It is one of the best things to do in Orlando at night.

If you want a tasty meal and superb experience of dining you must visit famous restaurants at Citywalk and if you want an island taste of the meal you can go there by Lone Palm Airport under the wing of Jimmy Buffet’s Hemisphere Dancer.

Later you can watch a show at Bob Marley that show related to the Praise to freedom that plays on that night. On that night different performances arrange for making that night super awesome. Like the performance of the Blue Man Group that performs every night. And you can dance at the Groove Nightclub by this you can make your Orlando night full of memories.

Orlando Improv Comedy Club

If you are a comedy lover, you have to spend your Orlando night at Improv Comedy Club. Forty years ago this place has been launching for comedians and it’s the place where you can to laugh and enjoy the performances and acts.

Many people come there from different places to see these acts and enjoy there that’s why this is the place where different people can get chance who want to be a comedian. Wednesday is the day on which you can try your own comedy and get people to laugh with your own punch lines and this is the place in Orlando where you can laugh and make memories.

Kings Bowl Orlando

King Bowl Orlando is the place for those people who love classy bowling and wear slick bowling shoes and enjoy their night with full of enthusiasm .you can see there the best bowling fun with a new look.

You can also eat delicious food and try unique cocktails with gaming and this is the best way to enjoy. By wearing slick shoes you feel like you slip into the world of fun but this type of feeling you only enjoy in Kings Bowl. So you must visit if you want to have the best experience for Bowling.

House of Blues

If you are a music lover and you can’t live without music, you have to visit the House of Blues where you can enjoy the live performance of singers who can play for you the best music because according to science music is the food of the soul and for this Blue music is the best choice.

You can enjoy the performance of singers during and after dinner and before dinner. Blues Music in Orlando achieves the best place in the World of Music. There you can enjoy your soul with the best music with delicious food. The best one of things to do in Orlando at night.

Tin Roof

Tin Roof is the mixture of background music and burger joint in Orlando. This is the place where you can enjoy your food with play music by the best signers who nationally recognized also by local musicians.

It’s the same feeling when you see food coming out of the kitchen and the scene when you see a singer to perform on stage. You can enjoy Tin Roof tonight and tomorrow by come to the roof.

Howl at the Moon

If you are a concert lover and want to enjoy singing and dancing then you start a night with Howl at the Moon. You can see there a stage at which 2 pianos face each other and the singers play them and sing a song and play your favorite rock anthems.

Everyone there feels that a stage becomes a dance floor and everyone are taping their feet on music because everyone there enjoying a lot. The audience enjoys it and also participates in the music, so it seems like that whole building is shaking with this participation.

If you near the stage it’s possible that singers ask you to sing a solo and by this, you can get a chance and you will start the new career of your life at Howl at the Moon.

CityWalk Rising Star Karaoke

CityWalk Rising Star Karaoke is the place where you can show your talent to all the audience there because you can get the attention of the whole audience. The host provides you a central place on the stage with a live band and backup singers through this you can show your talent on that night and you can decide your career by getting this chance. So it’s the best chance you have never missed it takes the center place on stage and prove yourself and show your talent to the whole world.

Corona Cigar Company & Diamond Club Lounge

Corona Cigar Company & Diamond Club Lounge is the place where you can get a cigar and enjoy your company with your friends and one of things to do in Orlando at night. If you are a cigar lover and want to find a place that is best for this, you must visit that lounge that nears Wall Street.

Sit with the corona cigar company and feel relax in that environment. The best thing about that place is that you do not have to pay any membership fees to walk in the lounge it’s totally free of cost you can pick your favorite cigar because this is the place where the largest cigar stocked shops in the world.

Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show

If you have good humor and love to see magic shows full of comedy you must visit Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show in Orlando because this is the place where full of entertainment provide and you can see magic shows in which magicians will read your mind and then you have to say wow by their acts.

They show you the best magic tricks and provide you a comedy with full of laughter and show you unique magic skills you have never seen before.

Enjoy an Evening Kayaking Adventure

If you are a nature lover and want to spend your evening in an adventurous way, you must enjoy an evening kayaking adventurous. At that place, you can enjoy spending your evening in a starlit sky and amazing wind across the water and you feel that you cut off the noise of the crowd and feel lonely in a huge starlit sky.

You feel like you are near nature and enjoying the place. If you spend your night in this place you feel that you can get something from this tour in Orlando. So you must spend your evening and enjoy an evening kayaking adventure.

Explore Orlando on a Helicopter-Night Tour (from USD 97)

You know that you can see some sights best from top-level as compared to as it is. So in Orlando, you have the best option to see the whole view from a single helicopter tour which covers all the eye view of theme parks such as Disney World and other parks.

This tour is complete in 15 to 40 min but you can get a wonderful experience from this. This tour is available at night or sunset also and if you want to capture the scene and photos of you then you have a chance to do it. This tour gives you the best memory ever at Orlando.


The night spends in Orlando by viewing all these places is the best option for you. Orlando at night not only means to visit only parks but also you can visit these places that discuss above and have a great experience and you must enjoy it a lot. If you like this amazing things to do article, don’t forget to subscribe Orlando Lanes and share this blog post with your friends who are planning to visit Orlando soon.