This blog is something you simply cannot miss if you’re going to Disney World in 2021. From new editions to classic tried and true favorites that have maybe had a little update we’re looking at the 24 Disney World snacks you’ve got to try in 2021.

Best Disney World Snacks in 2021

You family tour wouldn’t be completed without eating delicious food and Disney World snacks. Eating or dining is something that will make your tour memorable and its really fun to publish different food and snacks photos on your social profiles. Our today’s pick is related to best Disney World snacks in 2021 and you must try all of these snacks. If you do, don’t forget to share your thoughts about these snacks in comments section.

Ronto Wrap

Number one is Ronto Roasters in Hollywood Studios. This one’s $12.99 and while there’s a ton of new and interesting food in galaxy’s edge, this pick is definitely our number one. It is a delicious wrap with grilled pork sausage wrapped up in roasted pork topped with peppercorn sauce and tangy slaw and it’s all wrapped up in a PITA.

Now Ronto Roasters as you know also offers a breakfast option called the morning rep that is ARF. This one, instead of the slaw, you get the slaw taken off but you do have the pork sausage with the peppercorn sauce wrapped in an egg wrap and then put into a kind of piece of its sort of a PITA.

Ice Cream Taco

The next up is ice cream taco at Ample Hills Creamery. This one’s $8.99 and it was a super fun treat discovery because it’s kind of a secret menu item .it’s a fresh taco aka waffle cone shaped like a taco filled with ice cream and for toppings, you can choose your own flavor and toppings, by the way, this is an awesome new way to eat ice cream.

It’ll be easier for you to visit their store as they have their location on the boardwalk and they’re also opening a new location over in Disney Springs. Now the ice cream taco has come and gone from the menu but even when it hasn’t been on the menu, you will be able to ask for its order. In that case, it’s sort of a secret menu item so don’t get discouraged if you don’t see it on the menu. They can probably still make it.

Chicken Parm Mac And Cheese

We’re going to talk about chicken parm mac and cheese at the mac and cheese food truck in Disney Springs. This one’s $11 mac. The cheese food truck is located on the west side of Disney Springs and it is an awesome addition to the area.

Chicken parm mac and cheese is made with Parmesan alfredo sauce topped with crispy fried chicken of the classic Disney counter service chicken breast nuggets variety. You can even get a 6 cheese variety topped with Cheetos as well so there are lots of options over there at the mac and cheese food truck.

Mickey Celebration Doughnut

Now let’s talk about that Mickey celebration doughnut. This one comes in chocolate and vanilla at Main Street Bakery and strawberry at Cheshire café and Magic Kingdom. This is $8.99 and it’s been kind of shifted and changed around a lot in the last year. It’s a massive Mickey-shaped Doughnut, an amazing snack for you to share or keep to yourself. It’s all good and it’s available in those three flavors now.

This one debuted, of course, for Mickey’s birthday celebration last year and since it debuted at the launching pad it’s been sort of shifted. So some of them have now gone to Main Street Bakery and one has gone to Treasure café. That is why you can’t find it in the same places. We did a taste test between these Mickey Donuts and the Joffrey’s donuts, those giant donuts. Both are really good but we gave the edge to the Mickey donut at the time because it was a snack credit.

Monte Cristo

Now is Monte Cristo at bar Eva and Riviera resort. Disney’s latest had its iconic Monte Cristo available at Blue Bayou in Café Orleans for years but Disney World just hasn’t been able to keep one on the menu for very long.

Similar in name but not in taste was Woody’s lunchbox, Monte Cristo, last year but that got off that got taken off the menu within the first few weeks. So, the money crystal bar Riva is nearly identical to Disneyland iconic version. It’s made with ham turkey Gruyere and strawberry preserves on a brioche roll all deep-fried. Of course, the only real differences between this and Disneyland’s version are that the West Coast has a blackberry sauce instead of that strawberry sauce.

Miki Beignets

Miki beignets had originally been served at sassy hula float works but changed over to scat cat’s club café when it opened from renovation last year. Now they serve up specialty Miki beignets with your choice of chocolate cinnamon sugar or raspberry flavors or you can just get the regular beignets. Now for something even sweeter you can have that Miki beignets sundae which is covered in vanilla ice cream or whatever ice cream you want and drizzled with your choice of sauce whipped cream and a dusting of powdered sugar.

Bubble Waffles

The next one is bubble waffles at Aristocrepes and Disney Springs. This is a classic favorite that’s had a little update. These are $8.99. While the delicious bubble waffles over there to restore crepes aren’t new, this year we did see a difference in plating for this street. Instead of coming in cardboard cones, the bubble waffles are now served in bowls.

These freshly baked waffles are filled with ice cream and toppings making one of the yummiest ice cream sundaes you can find in Disney World. The lovely thing is that they changed it up to seasonal options for the holidays.

Cheeseburger and Pizza Spring Rolls

Cheeseburger and pizza spring rolls at the Adventure land spring roll cart in Magic Kingdom are best. These are 750 for a set of 2 right now but the price does vary and change quickly. You’ve probably walked on by this Adventure land spring roll cart unknowingly a few times. It used to be the egg roll cart now it’s a spring roll cart. They do kind of cycle through different flavors here so every kind of a couple of months you see a new flavor but it seems Disney’s realizing that cheeseburger is one of the favorites so you see that one quite a bit.

In addition to those, this year there is a new item drop on the menu- pepperoni pizza spring rolls. Now these are a lot like what was served at the Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival and these tastes just like pizza. Flaky spring roll crust filled with mozzarella cheese and pepperoni come with a pizza sauce to dip in. Make sure you get there early because they do sell out and once they’re gone, they’re gone for the day.

Mega Shakes

Let’s talk about those new mega shakes at beaches and cream. Some are old and some are new. These are 15 bucks and first debuted in October 2018 but with the reopening of beaches and cream, we got some more options. These mega shakes definitely earn their name. They are huge massive milkshakes and they’re actually good. They’re super icy and the baked goods on them are stale. The new one is topped off with a doughnut.

Oatmeal Cream Pie

Next up is the Oatmeal cream pie. The oatmeal cream pie a pop century is 529. This one is such a great treat to get over at the pop century. A lot of people don’t even know that it’s there but it’s a hidden gem for sure. You’ll find it in the baked goods section, the features to oatmeal cookies filled with a marshmallow buttercream drizzled with dark chocolate and cinnamon fondant icing finished with rainbow Krispies. Not only is this treat super yummy but there’s just something homey and comforting about it.

Prime Rib Sliders

Now there is prime rib sliders Cruz cup lounge at yacht club resort with $18 appetizer. It’s prime rib untoasted onion rolls the same onion rolls that they serve at yachtsman Steakhouse top to the horseradish cream. While these might be one of the most expensive snacks on our list at $18, you can get three sliders so you definitely can consider this more of a meal. Don’t forget to ask for that beer cheese sauce to dip your French fries.

Artisan Cotton Candy

Let’s talk about artisan cotton candy that you can find at the house of good fortune in the China Pavilion in Epcot runs from 7 to 16 dollars. It is very also delicious and if you’re a candy fan, note that this is only available at certain times. So you can stop by that house a good fortune merchandise location to check-in for their weekly hours over the holidays.

Mac Daddy Mac and Cheese

The next one is the Mac Daddy mac and cheese at the chicken guy in Disney Springs. This is a loaded mac and cheese. It is a seriously savory and scrumptious snack. Even though the mac and cheese is already super cheesy we always recommend adding some SMC which is guys Yeti’s super melty cheese. It’s not on the menu but you can order a side of it and they’ll give you a big huge bowl of this super melty cheese. It is plastic cheese and just add it to your mac and cheese. It makes it so much better.

I Lava You Float

Next is I lava you float at sunshine Tree Terrace and Magic Kingdom and that’s $6.99. We can’t have a list of Disney snacks you’ve got to get without adding in a dollop. So if you’re looking for a tried-and-true favorite a regular Dole Whip or Dole afloat our items you simply can’t go wrong with. We also love that pineapple upside-down cake Dole adoption too but this year we’ve seen some new additions including the I lava you float at Sunshine Tree Terrace.

This one is strawberry Fanta soda orange Dole Whip strawberry and red passion fruit syrup and strawberry pop rocks pop rocks. You can get the Peter Pan float over its storybook treats with lime Dole Whip and sprite or if you prefer your Dole up straight up in a cone check out Aloha Isle and anti-gravities. They usually have something special going on like the cute character inspired cones. You can get it at several other resorts and of course at Disney Springs as well.

Vegan Cupcake

If you are vegan, there’s a vegan cupcake at sunshine seasons. This one’s made with pineapple and coconut cake topped in the sweet vanilla frosting that’s covered in dark chocolate and pineapple. It’s all vegan and the flavors together really combine for an absolutely delightful treat. So if you’re visiting with a vegan friend or if you are vegan don’t miss that awesome cupcake at sunshine season. Through the land pavilion these ones are $4.99 and $5.99.

Black Magic Margarita

Black magic margarita at La Cava dealt Aquila in New Mexico Pavilion in Epcot and this one’s 21 bucks. So it’s super pricey. We know this cannot be count as a snack but we could not help it. This is the newest addition to La Cava Delta kilos menu at the Mexico Pavilion made with smoky mezcal blackberry puree, cassis liqueur lime, and mint. It was actually created by the one and only Neil Patrick Harris. You can really taste the mezcal in every sip .this one is so good and smoky.

The blackberry evens out the mezcal adding just the right amount of sweetness to your sip. Now while pricey, you get some high-quality ingredients with this drink and it’s the perfect snack for anyone that wants a sweet fruity margarita or who loves that smoky taste of mezcal. It’s called black magic of course because Neil Patrick Harris is a magician and he is great friends with some folks at LaCava which is why he went ahead and created this drink for them.

Fuzzy Tauntaun

Let’s talk about fuzzy tauntaun at Olga’s Cantina and Hollywood studios. This one is $16 now. Olga’s is one of the most unique places to open in Disney world in a while. It’s a true experience and one we’d recommend visiting even if you just grab a snack or a non-alcoholic drink. If you are open to alcoholic options then you absolutely have to try that fuzzy tauntaun which might be one of the most interesting drinks we’ve tried in the parks all year.

This one comes with Ciroc peach vodka, Bowles peach schnapps, and simply the orange top of tangerine and pure cane sugar as well as buzz foam. So it’s basically a fuzzy navel but the foam on top will make your mouth go totally numb. It’s so fun the sensation is due to the use of those buzz buttons which are made from a Szechuan flower and it is said to contain a natural painkiller.

Loaded Corn Dog Nuggets

Next up those loaded corn dog nuggets at Casey’s Corner in Magic Kingdom and these ones are 1099. Corndog nuggets topped with cheese, sauce, chili, lime seasoning, jalapenos, tomatoes, garlic ranch, corn chips, green onions, etc. We had about 10 nuggets for $10.99 which we thought was a pretty good amount.

These are delicious, the tastes all come together so well and the corn chips add that nice crunch to your bite. A quick note on those makes sure you don’t let this one sit for too long because the chips can get a little soggy with all of those sauces. But this is a great one for a lot of people.

Boozy Caramels

Those boozy caramels and everything else in Germany’s caramel Kucha and the Germany pavilion six dollars and 49 cents for those new boozy caramels first set of four. Now this shop is located in the Germany pavilion and you can’t go wrong with anything here. It’s all pretty much good in the past we’ve found favorites like the pumpkin caramel cupcake and the Werther’s original handcrafted caramel popcorn always a good option.

The best caramel corn in the parks for sure. If you’re there during Christmas they bump up to 10 49 for some fries and the price went way up for like a week. You can get a set of four booze-filled caramels that are just insanely good. The combination of boozy flavors chocolate and caramel makes us a must buy while you’re in the area and now it’s four different alcohols that are featured here so each one is a little bit different.

S’ mores Gourmet Cookie

Upcoming is s’ mores gourmet cookie at the art of animation and this one 529. Don’t be fooled because there are other s’ mores cookies around the parks and resource but they’re not the same. It’s a gooey cookie worth a trip out of the way to Art of Animation to pick up. It’s a good one to make as your sweet stop on the skyline or pub crawl.

This giant cookie is filled with melty marshmallow and topped off with a helping of chocolate and graham cracker crumbles. You get a really generous portion of this snack which is super shareable though it’s so delicious you might want to just get one for you.

Blue and Green Milk

We had to put it on the list. Blue and green milk at the milk stands in the galaxy’s edge in Hollywood costs $7.99 for the non-alcoholic versions and $14 for the alcoholic versions. It has divided reviews. We wanted to get on this list because we know a lot of you guys just want to try the iconic stuff, this is iconic.

The Thai Echelon in the first order area the stand itself is really cool with hanging spherical glass containers holding that blue and green milk. The blue and green milk are actually completely plant-based so you’re going to get slightly different flavors from both of them.

Niala Brownie

Heading over to the Animal Kingdom Lodge at the Mara is the niala brownie which is 479. This is a delicious chocolate brownie covered in peanut butter. Buttercream frosting is really thick solid front. We’re not talking about whipped cream frosting stuff. This is good solid like you can pick it all up on a fork by yourself.

Frosting and the brownie is now Mickey mouse-shaped. So it’s not this the circular brownie that we used to have. On top of that peanut butter frosting that’s where there’s one little line of vanilla buttercream frosting as well.

Key Lime Pie on a Stick

That key lime pie on a stick at the neighborhood bakery in Hollywood Studios is for $4.99. For this one it debuted a couple of years ago when metropolis open and it’s been on our list for a long time. Now its tart Key Lime filling covered in graham cracker which is then all covered in a bright blue layer of white chocolate.

It’s such a great treat. What makes it even better is that it’s on a stick so it’s easy to enjoy as you walk around the park. This is the perfect combination of sweet and tart. If you’re a key lime fan you’ll adore it.

Peanut Butter Pie

Last but not the least is peanut butter pie at Contempo cafe carrot cake cookie at Hollywood studios trolley car café. We can’t help our self but to tell you about them as they are super delicious and you will definitely enjoy it.

So these are great snacks that you must get in 2020. We have tried our best to tell you about the best snacks that should enjoy. We wanted to mention more snacks but then the list gets lengthier. Hope you will like this blog and don’t forget to comment on your favorite Disney World snacks.