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Walt Disney World parks get a big boost to operating hours for the summer

Disney has today extended the operating hours at Walt Disney World theme parks for the coming months and into the summer.

Updated calendars today have extended the hours at all four theme parks for most days in April, May and June 2021:

  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios sees most days move to an 8pm close from the original 7pm.
  • Magic Kingdom now has most days opening at 8am and closing at 9pm, an increase of 4 hours.
  • EPCOT is is returning to its pre-COVID closing time of 9pm, with some days extending to 10pm. Opening remains at 11am however.
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom now has mostly 8am openings and 7pm close, an extension of around 3 hours per day.

Provisional operating hours are also now available through June 26 at all four Walt Disney World theme parks.

You can view the most recent updates on our calendar.

Article Posted:
Apr 09, 2021 / 2:31pm ET

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