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January 2023

Hours of daylight continue to increase

We are well past the Winter Solstice, which was on Dec. 21. This is the shortest day of the year for hours of daylight, but it is not the day that features the earliest sunset in Orlando. Orlando’s earliest sunset was at the start of December when it set at…

Catching up on the latest climate science

Dr. Daniel Swain, a climate expert, fields a lot of questions about climate change.   What You Need To Know The latest climate findings include information on heat, extreme rain and the tropics Record warm temperatures outpace record cold temperatures We have observed an increased number of major hurricanes We…

Debunking cold weather myths

Have you been keeping warm the right way this winter and in the past? You may not be doing what’s best for your body when it comes to getting through these cold winter months. What You Need To Know There are plenty of myths that many people take as truth…

Climate expert shares how to face climate change

Climate change doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. That was the title of the talk Dr. Katharine Hayhoe gave at the Steamboat Weather Summit, a gathering of meteorologists from around the country. The conference is a forum to discuss the latest industry issues and trends across the weather…

Closest new moon in centuries could bring some impacts

As opposed to the more notable full moon, new moons are less talked about in the news. But this month’s new moon is special and one that deserves the spotlight for a change. It will be the closest new moon we’ve had since the year 1030! What You Need To…

La Niña is set to come to an end. Here’s what’s next

Global weather patterns are nothing new, and meteorologists can predict them by knowing the state of the current climate. El Niño, La Niña and Neutral states oscillate every few years across the globe, and another change is on the horizon, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).  What…

How has climatological winter gone so far?

Mid-January marks the halfway point of climatological winter. Some are wondering “what winter?” while others need a much-deserved break. What You Need To Know Many have had a lack of snow, but two huge lake-effect snowstorms put Western New York at double their average A cold snap in December plunged…

What happens to honeybees in the winter?

Have you ever wondered what happens to bees in the winter? What You Need To Know In the winter, honeybees form a cluster of bees to keep warm Honeybees generate heat with their muscles by shivering and expending energy Bees become active again in the spring with the warmer weather and…

2022 finishes as one of the warmest and rainiest on record

2022 brought historic rainfall from Hurricane Ian to the first morning of below freezing temperatures to Orlando in 1800 days.  The year featured a variety of weather extremes from start to finish for Central Florida. What You Need To Know 2022 was the third warmest on record for Orlando Record…