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December 2023

Climate Anxiety Google Searches Eco-anxiety

The concerns about climate continue to grow.  Data from Google says searches related to “climate anxiety” hit a record high in 2023 over the last five years worldwide. What You Need To Know Google searches for climate anxiety hit a record high in 2023 A fear of the effects of…

Panama Canal drought causes global shipping delays

Many shipping vessels are being forced to forgo or take a detour from the “world’s greatest shortcut” as ongoing drought conditions impact the infamous Panama Canal. What You Need To Know Panama faces drought conditions amidst an emerging El Niño The Panama Canal Authority is limiting traffic through the canal…

Could your garden be changing with the climate?

Climate data suggests that nighttime and winter temperatures are warming at a greater rate compared to other seasons and compared to daytime afternoon temperatures. This change in temperatures could have a significant impact on our agriculture and the types of plants you may find in your garden here in Central…

Your trees in the winter: Dead or dormant?

There is a different type of beauty during the winter. After months of seeing the luscious summer greenery and vibrant fall foliage, the colors fade and snow blankets the landscape in white. But what happens to trees after shedding their leaves and becoming covered in snow or ice for the…

What causes a ring around the moon?

“Ring around the moon means rain soon.” Maybe you’ve heard that saying–but what even causes a ring around the moon in the first place, and does that weather folklore hold water? What You Need To Know Ice crystals cause halos Coronas occur when clouds have liquid water Halos and coronas…

Looking back at Florida’s hurricane season as it ends

Hurricane season ends this week. This year we saw 21 tropical depressions, 20 of which became tropical storms, 7 of those became hurricanes, and 3 of those were major hurricanes. What You Need To Know Hurricane numbers were near normal We saw more named storms than normal Three named storms…

Photos vs. what your eyes see

Dazzling, shimmer curtains of red and green… you’ve probably seen amazing photos of the aurora, or northern lights. Unfortunately, if you’re lucky enough to see the aurora with your own eyes, it typically won’t live up to those expectations. Technology and biology are why. What You Need To Know Cameras…

The ‘Full Beaver Moon’ kicks off the new week

Your refrigerator may not be full of Thanksgiving leftovers anymore, but the moon will be full as we start the week. What You Need To Know The moon is fullest early Monday morning November’s full moon is the “Beaver Moon” Jupiter still appears near the moon You can use the…

Safety tips for driving through the rain

From drizzle to downpours, driving in the rain could be difficult and dangerous if you are not careful. According to U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, over 3,400 people are killed and over 357,300 people are injured in rainfall-related crashes.  What You Need To Know Over 357,000 people are…