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October 2021

‘Earthshine’ levels show the planet is dimming

Over the past two decades, scientists have been studying earthshine levels, something that Leonardo da Vinci also researched. Their findings show that our planet is getting dimmer, and that’s not good news for climate change.  What You Need To Know Over the last two decades, the Earth has become half…

Largest comet ever seen will pass through our solar system

Save the date. In roughly 10 years, a once in a lifetime (a very long lifetime) event will take place in the sky above us. One of the largest comets ever seen will pass through our solar system. What You Need To Know Scientists first discovered the Bernardinelli-Bernstein comet earlier…

Deodorants are worse for air pollution than cars

We all know that cars cause air pollution, but did you know that lotions, bug sprays and deodorants also do?  What You Need To Know 78% of the smog-causing chemicals in New York City were from paint or personal care products Even non-spray products, like lotions, contribute to creating smog…

A Moon “wobble” will cause coastal flooding in the 2030s

In the not so distant future, coastal areas in the U.S. will experience more flooding… even if it’s not raining. A lunar cycle will lead to increased tide levels and a continuously heightened flood threat. The scope and frequency of these floods will also have a lot to do with…

Who was active and who wasn’t

The Plains and Southeast are often the hotbed of severe weather. And while they certainly had plenty of active storms this year, another part of the country was unusually busy in 2021. What You Need To Know Parts of the Midwest and Plains had less severe weather this year Some…

Tropical Storm Victor forms in the far eastern Atlantic

Tropical Storm Victor formed south of the Cabo Verde Islands Wednesday evening. What You Need To Know Tropical Storm Victor became the 20th Atlantic tropical storm to form this season  It has top estimated winds of 40 mph It will move northwest, staying far from land Victor has top sustained…

American model outperforming European in hurricane forecasts

It’s time we give credit where it’s due. The GFS American computer model is consistently doing better than its European counterpart in predicting the path of tropical storms.   What You Need To Know The GFS American model has improved greatly due to recent upgrades The improved accuracy became evident during…

Shakes on a plane: What causes air turbulence

Everyone has experienced it. You’re in the middle of your flight, and all of a sudden, you feel the plane shake or jolt. The pilot comes on the intercom and announces you’re experiencing turbulence and to buckle up. But what exactly is turbulence? What You Need To Know Turbulence is…

The start of fall means we’ll soon see changes in Florida

The leaves are changing, and cool air is starting to spill into parts of the country. We can even find some snow in the mountains of the West Coast. But, in Florida, we still have the warmth, humidity and afternoon storms. So when does it start to cool down for…