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August 2021

The hurricane season typically becomes more active in August

As we flip the calendar from July to August, the tropical Atlantic historically becomes more active. What You Need To Know The month of July was quiet with one named storm August historically sees the biggest increase in tropical activity The peak of the Atlantic hurricane season is not until…

It could happen to anyone

Have you ever traveled down the highway and suddenly realize you don’t really remember any of the past couple of miles? Or maybe you’ve headed home from work and needed to run a quick errand on the way, only to miss the turn and not realize what happened until after…

Ring of fire weather pattern

People living in the eastern U.S. have experienced hot temperatures and severe storms lately and there’s a reason. This all has to do with a summer weather pattern sometimes called the ‘ring of fire.’ What You Need To Know A ‘ring of fire’ weather pattern brings hot temperatures Showers and…

What causes a mackerel sky?

Have you ever looked up at a pattern of clouds dotting the sky and noticed that occasionally, they look like the scales of a fish? “Mackerel sky” is a fairly common term for that pattern and can be a sign of changing weather ahead. What You Need To Know A…

What are the dog days of summer?

Summer can be ruff with soaring temperatures that leave us panting for relief. Some people call the worst of the heat “the dog days of summer.” Here’s the tail of where that phrase comes from.  What You Need To Know It originated from the ancient Greeks and Romans The phrase refers…

New categories for severe thunderstorms

No two severe storms are the same, and the National Weather Service (NWS) released new threat levels for severe thunderstorms. The update will begin on August 2. The NWS will divide Severe Thunderstorm Warnings into three categories of damage threat: destructive, considerable and baseline. What You Need To Know The…

New study shows how weather impacts the spread of COVID-19

A new study released in June 2021 by Yale University shows how weather impacts the spread of COVID-19. The findings show what time of year the virus thrives and what parts of the country are more at risk because of their climate.  What You Need To Know The reproductive role…

Our pal SAL makes a return

It’s been an active 2021 hurricane season, but some dust from Africa may put the brakes on future development – at least temporarily. What You Need To Know Saharan dust is covering portions of the open Atlantic This dust helps suppress tropical activity The Saharan dust will likely stick around…

Tornado or not? What those scary-looking clouds really are

During summertime storms, you can find a variety of cloud formations, and some can look alarming!    What You Need To Know Rain shafts can produce 2 to 4 inches of rain per hour Shelf clouds do not rotate, but some wall clouds do, which could lead to a tornado…