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Who — human or animal — can resist a Frontier Airlines ticket deal, amirite?

A video recently posted to TikTok (h/t to Fox 35) has gone viral, showing chaos at Orlando International Airport’s Terminal A after a lone rat wandering around drives passengers into an absolute frenzy.


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The video, titled “Only at Frontier Airlines MCO” by user randymulvaney, has garnered 7 million views and counting, along with nearly 13,000 comments. It vividly captures the emotional rollercoaster of repeated attempts to trap the traveling rodent by MCO employees.

The video includes thrills and spills like the rat momentarily scooped up in a dustpan, only for bystanders’ cheers to turn to renewed screams of horror as the rat jumps out. And then it happens again! The intrepid traveler is then pinned against a garbage can and trapped under a jacket.

What a journey.

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