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MCO didn’t do to well in a recent survey of airport wait times

Going to the airport is never fun, and in Florida it’s stressful at the best of times. Now Orlando International Airport has the spurious honor of ranking at No. 5 for longest wait times.

Luggage storage company Bounce collected data on the average security wait times and passport control wait times at internataional airports around the country. Their findings weren’t the most flattering for some Florida airports.

Orlando International Airport came in fifth on the list of 10 airports with the longest wait times. And while JFK International Airport in New York may have “won” that category, MCO wasn’t the only Florida airport in the top five.  Miami International Airport placed No. 3 and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport nabbed the No. 4 spot.

The study found that MCO has a security wait time average of 18 minutes and 24 seconds. The passport control wait time is on average 21 minutes and 48 seconds. Those combined wait times tally up to 40 minutes and 12 seconds for an international flight, just to get to get to the airport terminal and hopefully to your plane.

On the other end of the survey, Baltimore/Washington International Airport, San Antonio International Airport and San Jose International Airport captured the top three spots, respectively, for airports with the shortest wait times around the country.

Tellingly, not a single international airport in Florida placed on that particular top 10.

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