Mass hysteria, grumpiness ensues as Florida Division of Emergency Management ruins everyone’s night | Orlando Area News | Orlando

Dear Florida Division of Emergency Management: First of all, how dare you.

What should have been a peaceful 4/20 started a little early in Florida this year, as the state was blasted awake Thursday morning by an emergency alert test at 4:50 a.m.

The Florida Division of Emergency Management later apologized for the alert, saying it was meant to be on TV and not disturb anyone already asleep.

Not only were Floridians peeved at that emoji use, but the whole incident has caused an uproar of very intense feelings on Twitter. Here’s what some of the sleepy Floridians had to say.

As funny as some of our fellow Floridians managed to be in response to the terrifying early wakeup, emergency departments now have a real problem on their hands. Many people were so irked that they turned off all notifications from the emergency alert system, which is a very bad idea in a state very much affected by weird weather.

Seminole County was just the first local government in our inbox pleading with residents not to change their phone settings out of pique, to be followed by many more we expect. They led with an all-caps banger of a subject line: “DO NOT TURN OFF EMERGENCY ALERTS” and pointed out, “This is the fastest way to receive tornado warnings, evacuation alerts, or news about hazardous materials events.”

Truth. But do not EVER wake us up like that again for no reason.

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