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Ron DeSantis/Twitter

A photo from Ron DeSantis and Casey DeSantis’ Walt Disney World wedding.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis continues to make hay about his battle against the Disney corporation.

One of the state’s largest employers and the raison d’etre for much of Central Florida drew the ire of the aspirational Republican for defending the position that gay people exist. His ongoing fight has to be a sticky subject when he looks around at personal effects in the governor’s mansion. In spite of all the bluster and hot air DeSantis has directed at the company and its parks over his tenure, the governor was married in Walt Disney World.

That news comes via Business Insider who spoke to several guests at his wedding to First Lady Casey DeSantis in 2009. The guest testimony is corroborated by their marriage license, which lists the location of their wedding as Lake Buena Vista, FL. The soon-to-be DeSantis family lived in Ponte Vedra Beach at the time. 

The DeSantis’ were wed by a Catholic priest at the theme park. Guests who spoke to the publication said Casey DeSantis chose the venue because she “wanted something all-inclusive and put together.”

DeSantis moved to revoke Walt Disney World’s status as an independent self-government earlier this year after corporate leaders criticized Florida Republicans for their openly antagonistic laws against LGBTQ people.  Since that mild criticism of Florida’s ongoing campaign against queer books, trans children and other aspects of the LGBTQ community, DeSantis has said that Disney was in thrall to communist China.

All of this is of a piece with DeSantis’ larger attacks on so-called “woke” companies. What that phrase actually means depends on the target of the day for right-wing media platforms, leaning toward whatever will get the presumed presidential hopeful on national TV.

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