For today’s blog, we have a review on the Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort located in Orlando, Florida. We hope you find it helpful for your next trip. We took a trip out to visit Disney World and found this resort to be very affordable compared to others. You can pre-check-in in case you arrive early and you would receive a text once your room is ready. And we must say, their service was pretty quick.

The view of the front of the resort shows a glimpse of one of the four restaurants that they have. Check-in was somewhat easy. They asked us to go to a desk so we could get a map of the resort .the lady at the desk ended up asking us if we could attend a timeshare presentation/tour of the hotel but we told her we were all booked up. You are asked to give $20 to receive a spot in the presentation. We suggest you don’t give them $20 if you don’t plan on attending. Because even If they say that you can get a refund if you could not attend but you will never get your that precious money.

The resort is made up of many towers. Our room was located in the towers 2, so they provided a shuttle for us to get there. The resort is very close to all Disney parks including Disney Springs .they offer a shuttle to get to the parks which charge 8 dollars a trip .so we decided to stick with a lift because it was more affordable. The Uber and Lyft drivers are able to get in through the gate, but they will only drive up to the valet section.

This resort is only made up of sweets. We booked the one-bedroom suite. We decided to describe our room tour for you. As soon as you walk in there’s a little painting right there. You see an overview of the living room, the kitchen, and the dining table. The kitchen has like this little island with two chairs, a sink, a stove, a microwave, and a even has a dishwasher and it comes stocked up with knives, a blender, a coffee maker, plates, cups, and paper towels. There are even welcome amenities or compliments of the resort which includes popcorn, tea, and coffee. Unfortunately, there is nothing in the ridge in addition to ice in the freezer part.

There is a little living room which has a couch and then a chair, the lamps and then we had a patio. Our sweet don’t really have a nice view and it’s two little chairs out here. There was a view of the parking lot and you can also kind of see a lake. There’s a TV here and then you go into the bed. It’s a pretty big bed. There’s just lamps, closet over there, a TV then there’s this like a massive bathtub and then the sink, another sink, the toilet, a shower, another closet thing and then there is a door here and you go back out to the dining. This is like a little one-bedroom that’s the overall room tour.

The resort is very big. There is a boardwalk that connects both sides which makes it easier to go across. The resort has a pirate-themed and in some of their polls from the boardwalk, you can see the four water fountains that they have. You can see all the towers and you can see some fishes. There is also plenty of cute resting areas throughout. There are five pools and two lazy rivers. Some of the pools have water slides and they offer plenty of out floats and lazy rivers. The only downside is their towel system. You have to go check out the towels at a different Tower and you must check them in they will ask for your room number when you are checking out the towels. We made the error of just throwing them in the chute when we were done with them but we were asked for them when we went on a different day to check out more towels. Thankfully no trouble came from that but it is very inconvenient.

During our check-in, we were given an activity calendar with many things to do throughout the day both for kids and adults. There are also an arcade room, Ping-Pong tables, mini-golf, a gym, and plenty of barbecue areas. This resort feels like a small town and even though there were some small inconveniences we surely would like to stay there.

We hope that this review will be useful for you. We have covered almost everything that you need to know while planning your trip there. Bookmark our site for more information on Orlando travel guide.