Orlando Lanes Student Scholarship

Orlando Lanes is committed to provide financial support to students with passion of knowledge and growth

About Orlando Lanes

Orlando Lanes is a platform for tourists where they can learn everything they need to know about Orlando. We have a vast variety of topics that we are covering on our website. From restaurants to theme parks, we have covered almost everything for tourists.

Following are the main topics that we are covering on this website:

Orlando Lanes Student Scholarship

Team Orlando Lanes understand that education is incredibly important for all generations. The experiences and lessons you learn are unrivaled. We want to help students in their paths to higher education, which is why we have created the Orlando Lanes Student Scholarship.

If you share our goal of helping and guiding tourists visiting Orlando from around the world, We would like you to write an essay about Things to Do in Orlando and qualify for our Scholarship of $2000.

Eligibility Requirements

The Orlando Lanes  Student Scholarship is open to undergraduate students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

How to Apply

To apply for the scholarship, applicants must submit the following in an email to scholarship@orlandolanes.com:

  • Name of school, area of study, and intended graduation date
  • An essay (max 2,000 words) or a video (max two minutes) included as an attachment

The submitted essay or video must include your response to one of the following essay topics:

  • Best Water Parks in Orlando
  • Best Theme Parks in Orlando
  • How to Save Money while visiting Orlando

Deadline for Submission

The essay submission deadline is 12:00 a.m. EST, August 14 2021.

Selection Process and Notification

The winning applicant will be announced within two months of the submission deadline. Our committee will email the winning party.

Additional Details

The $2000 scholarship award is intended for academic use, but will be awarded without restrictions.


Contact the Orlando Lanes Scholarship Committee at scholarship@orlandolanes.com