Why fall weather is a favorite

We may be losing daylight and watching temperatures drop, but lots of people embrace fall and count it as their favorite time of year.

What You Need To Know

  • A poll found that fall may be Americans favorite season
  • Americans think the perfect fall temperatures is 53 degrees
  • Pumpkin Spice Lattes are not everyone’s favorite fall treat

You may love the blooming flowers of spring, or the scorching summer sun, or even the long and cold nights of winter. However, according to recent polls, fall is the favorite season of almost a third of Americans. 

A 2013 study from YouGov shows 29% of Americans say fall is their favorite season, the highest percentage of any season. There are some obvious reasons fall may be at the top of the list, but this one may surprise you.

Kathryn Lively, a sociology professor at Dartmouth University, explained to the Huffington Post that a love of the fall season is ingrained in us at a young age. “As children, we come to associate fall with going back to school, new school supplies, seeing friends. It’s exciting, for most. We still respond to this pattern that we experienced for 18 years.”

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Fall is a time to celebrate

Along with all the fun holidays that come up during fall (who doesn’t love dressing up for Halloween or eating a big meal at Thanksgiving?), September is the most popular month for births in the U.S.

So, along with all the pumpkin pie and mini-chocolate candies, birthday cake and presents may conjure up warm and cozy feelings during autumn.

PSLs, chilly air and the fall foliage

These are the mainstays of the fall season, a solid top three of fall favorites. Which one would you rank the highest, though?

Shockingly enough, pumpkin spice and everything nice isn’t at the top of this list. It’s the fall foliage! A OnePoll survey of 2,000 people in the U.S. found that more than half (51%) said that the changing leaves are their favorite part of fall.

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The change over to crisp, cool autumn air from the stifling heat of summer wasn’t too far behind, with 45% of respondents saying the cooler temperatures were their favorite. 

So, I’m sorry to say it, pumpkin spice lovers, but only 30% share your view that everything should taste like pumpkin.

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