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National Hurricane Center

Tropical Depression Seven is making its way westward toward Puerto Rico

The National Hurricane Center issued its first advisory on Tropical Depression Seven Wednesday morning.

The system is expected to continue moving west, making its way through the Lesser Antilles by Friday morning.  The NHC advised those in the systems’s path to prepare for heavy rainfall and possible impact from wind.

The NHC’s 11 a.m. update included no sustained winds of tropical storm force (39 mph or greater), but said that the depression’s progression throughout the day could lead to a tropical storm watch on certain islands – including Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Hispaniola. The NHC’s current prediction for tropical storm development is low over the next coming days. The system is currently moving at a speed of 14 mph and has a maximum wind speed of 35 mph, according to the NHC.

The Weather Channel said that it’s still far too early to determine whether or not this system will become a threat for the mainland U.S. Florida is the closest state to system if it continues on its current predicted pathway.

The 2022 hurricane season has experienced a strange lull compared to recent years, but if Tropical Depression Seven exceeds wind speeds of 40 mph, it will earn the name Fiona as it reaches tropical storm status.

The NHC advises people living within the system’s predicted pathway to stay aware of any updates on its development in the coming days.

You can follow updates on Tropical Depression Seven’s development on the NHC website.

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