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@jeddeo1 Jed takes a ride on Central Florida’s @SunRail commuter line. #sunrail #train #transit #florida #orlando #vacation #grandma #family #rain #science ♬ original sound – Jed

Orlando has a long way to go in its rail connectivity, even among the train fans of TikTok.

Jeddeo Paul, known as @jeddeo1 on TikTok, has over 30,000 followers. He posts TikToks about his travel experiences —  specifically, riding trains— wherever he goes, with a dry wit and more than a little sarcasm . His first time riding our ownjourney SunRail did not disappoint (his audience, at least).

Jed said he was on a family trip visiting his grandma in the City Beautiful. He decided to embark on a SunRail adventure alone, as none of his family members found this journey appealing.

Paul wasn’t familiar with Central Florida destinations, so he found an article  about fun SunRail stops. He chose the AdventHealth station because, according to the article, the station was a ‘cultural’ experience. In the article’s defense, it is walking distance from Loch Haven Park, home to art and science museums. Still, we wouldn’t exactly call a hospital campus “fun.”

The TikToker’s reactions were hilarious as he approached the station. He found the medical campus everything but entertaining and walked away in search of the actual culture he’d been looking to find.

“At least if I get a heatstroke on this adventure, there’s a nearby medical facility I can go to for care,” Paul said.

He visited the Orlando Science Center but ended up leaving because of the $24 price of admission and the stigma around being a grown man alone in a children’s museum.

When the TikToker saw the nearby Repertory Theater, he figured he’d finally found a hub of Orlando culture. . Jed delivered a perfect deadpan as he revealed a poster for a live rendition of Disney’s High School Musical 2.

His journey ends interpreting the meaning behind Orlando’s sculptures right outside the Museum of Art. On his way back, he got drenched in rain as his train got delayed and turned into an hour and 45 minutes ride. But at least, as he mentions in the video, the rain helped to freshen up a bit. Remember, Orlando is the ‘sweatiest city’ in the US.

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