Seminole Dems headquarters also hit with ‘fascist’ graffiti | Orlando Area News | Orlando

Yet another Seminole County political HQ has been vandalized.

Mere weeks after some suspiciously neat graffiti was found on the headquarters of the Seminole County GOP in Casselberry, the Democratic Party office was also tagged with graffiti that appears to be in conversation with that first bit of vandalism.

The windows of the building in Longwood were sprayed with the messages “UR Fascist Too” and “End Both Parties.” Like the former incident, an anarchist A was painted on the building. Unlike the Republican Party incident, the taggers managed to get some spray paint on the window frames and drew the A outside the bounds of its circle, two things that led to suspicion of the first spray paint bombing.

The building was also draped with a homemade banner that said “Free Palestine.” The Seminole County Dems condemned the original vandalism against the GOP in August.


Seminole County police are investigating both incidents.


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