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Last week we wrote about a crocodile making itself at home on a Palm Beach golf course, and the distinct possibility that nothing can be done about it. “The Fish & Wildlife Commission says federal law will not allow removal of the croc, so please be cautious near our golf course ponds,” read a post on the Village of North Palm Beach Twitter. And, of course, y’all had some molten takes on it.

@Sheilah Rich Well, that’s a croc of …

@Victor Chin Magic always comes at a price …

@Tara Miller It’s his golf course now.

@Krista Pendleton This is a missed opportunity for a great headline. Like, “Cranky croc conquers country club.”

@Jennifer Gassman Schneider Where’s the guy with the trash can? He’d take care of it.

@Nic Crowley [Crocodiles] were almost killed off to the point of needing protection because people who had no experience with them were scared of large animals that hadn’t killed anyone yet. See: alligators, Florida panther/cougar, indigo snakes (the saddest example). Don’t let ignorance get you by the balls.

Last week we reported that an Orlando woman — Kidzya Rodriguez, 20 — was at Travis Scott’s Astroworld concert, where a crush of people in the audience left eight dead and many more injured, and later shared her experience on social media. “People were pushing and pushing,” she told a local TV station. “I could not move, I could not breathe.” Houston authorities revealed that the concert was declared a mass casualty event a full 40 minutes before the show was stopped. Though Rodriguez was able to escape the crush, she said that she feels “guilty” for walking away from the show.

@Chase Gregory Our prayers go out to the families that lost a loved one.

@Erik Lievano No offense to anyone who digs this type of music, but you won’t catch me in a packed-like-sardines–type concert crowd like this. If I inadvertently happen to go to a show like this, I’m fine in the back looking at monitors.

@Cary Padeli This is what always happens at these rap is crap shows. At Woodstock there were 10 times as many people over 3 days and no one died. Keep your children and grandchildren away from this garbage. Introduce them to rock & roll, real music. [Editor’s note: Three people died and there were more than 3,000 reported injuries at Woodstock ’69.]

@Izzy Nali Act like all u humans ain’t the devil in disguise, tf he just smart with it y complain when u already went and supported him lmao at y’all fake ass human.

Last Tuesday we reported that Orlando city leaders opted to make e-scooters a permanent presence in the city. The City Council amended ordinances to the scooter share program — beyond making the pilot program permanent, the city made changes to allow for legal riding on the sidewalk. Your emotions were mixed.

@Manuel Carmona As a business owner downtown these scooters are a constant hassle. Every day I find them thrown on the sidewalk and or thrown in bushes. I’m constantly having to pick them up to stand them as I have pride in my city and can’t walk past something just thrown on the ground.

@Jes Elizabeth @Manuel Carmona It’s also a huge issue for people with mobility issues or disabilities. If someone is in a wheelchair they can be completely blocked.

@Aaron Straub I live downtown and scooters are a great mode of transportation. Sure beats paying $20 to park my car three blocks away.

@Floyd Welsh The popularity of e-scooters in urban areas around the world is becoming a preferred source of commuting for tourists and business travelers. Especially those without a vast subway or mass transit solution. Many cities have begun building lanes into downtown streets that provide for bikes and wheeled commuters to safely avoid pedestrians & automobiles. Hopefully Orlando will recognize this issue, and begin making the small adjustments needed to accommodate.

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