Orlando’s median home sale price hit $425K in April | Orlando Area News | Orlando

The median home sale price in Orlando is inching toward half a million dollars.

That’s according to a report from  Florida Realtors, which found that the Orlando metro area’s median home sale price was $425,000 in April. That price is up from around $345,000 this time last year. That’s a year over year increase of nearly $80,000.

The median sale price of homes in Orlando this year is up to $405,000. That’s a difference of  nearly $75,000 from the year before.  Orlando’s median sale price in April was $10,000 more than the statewide average and $12,000 above the statewide median this year. There are some signs of a coming slowdown to the white-hot Central Florida real estate market, however.

For one, sales are down, both in the year so far and in the month of April. Sales have fallen roughly 9% this year as prices rise and interest rate increases slow the rate of borrowing. 

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