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Orlando joined national march for abortion rights on 49th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

The news never sleeps, as they say. We saw a lot of big headlines come through Orlando Weekly this week, but these five were especially deserving of some end-of-week recognition.

Orange County Convention Center hospitality workers avoid potential strike, win big raises and pension in new contract

The tentative agreement reached between Sodexo, a company contracted by the convention center, and Unite Here Local 737 delivers big gains for many of the facility’s hospitality workers, per the union, including substantial pay raises for some of the convention center’s lowest-paid hourly restaurant, concessions and banquet workers.

Orange County adopts Tenant’s Bill of Rights to enhance protections for local renters

As Orange County rents continue to price out working families, amid a shortage in affordable housing stock, Orange County commissioners on Tuesday voted to adopt a Tenant’s Bill of Rights ordinance that’s intended to enhance protections for local renters.

Orlando joins national march for abortion rights
After a long year of attacks on abortion rights, Florida’s LGBTQ+ communities and the teaching of “controversial” issues in classrooms (and the faculty/teachers who facilitate it), Orlando Democrats kicked off 2023 with a rally in support of abortion access.

Voting by mail is getting harder in Florida all ballot requests made before the 2022 election have been canceled

Due to recent legislation signed into law by Florida Gov. DeSantis — using the fig leaf of election fraud, though none was found in Florida — all requests for mail-in ballots made before the 2022 election have been canceled. So if you’re looking to vote by mail in the 2024 elections (or 2023 municipal elections, where applicable), you’re going to have to request a new vote-by-mail ballot, and you should probably get on it soon.

Florida is the second most-expensive state to buy a dozen eggs, according to Instacart study

In some not so egg-citing economic news, Instacart has ranked Florida as the second-most expensive state to purchase a dozen eggs. According to Instacart’s customer purchase data, the average cost for a dozen eggs in Florida comes in at roughly $6.36. Orlando has experienced a 65 percent price increase in eggs over the last 12 months, with the cost of a dozen now setting Orlandoans back $6.03 on average.

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