Orlando home buyers need to make six figures to afford a home in 2022, per report | Orlando Area News | Orlando

Orlando is considerably less affordable for homebuyers than it was a year ago (and the rest of the state of Florida is even worse).

That news comes from a new report from real estate website Redfin. They found that an average Orlando homebuyer needs to make $104,943 per year, compared to just $67,088 a year ago.

The jump in requirements is caused by two factors: the rapid increase in home prices in the area and a significant hike on interest rates ballooning monthly payments. Orlando actually saw the smallest relative leap in income requirements (56.4%) among all Florida cities. And the required income for a home purchase is lower than the current national average of $107,281.

Tampa saw a massive jump in the required income for a home between 2021 an 2022, jumping from $62,615 to $101,682 for an increase of more than 62%. The worst increase in Florida occurred in  North Port, where calculated requirements rose from $75,659 to $131,535 (73.9%). Eight of the top 15 markets for highest relative cost increase in the nation were in Florida.

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