Mount Dora’s Palm Island Park reopens after a temporary closure for an ‘aggressive alligator’ | Florida News | Orlando

It was a regular Sunday morning at Mount Dora’s Palm Island Park until a 10-foot alligator was spotted on the trail with what they believe was a duck in his mouth.

Around 8:30 a.m., the Mount Dora Police Department posted on Facebook that the park had been temporarily closed for an ‘aggressive alligator.’

Authorities locked the gate and put a sign that said: “Boardwalk temporarily closed. Aggressive 10-foot plus alligator to be relocated. Closure by M.D.P.D.”

The park reopened today around 8 a.m. after authorities walked through the park, and there was no sight of the 10-foot alligator. After reopening the park, authorities said that those heading to the boardwalk are doing so at their own risk. If the gator is seen again at Palm Island Park today, Mount Dora Police will call FWC officers to move it.

Late June and July are nesting months for alligators. According to the FWC, female alligators may protect their nests by hissing and opening their mouths to frighten intruders but rarely bite people.

It hasn’t been confirmed whether or not this alligator was a mama-gator sitting on her eggs.

During this season, authorities say, it is essential for people to be aware of any possible presence of alligators when in or near fresh or brackish water.

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