Mask-free photos begin at Walt Disney World theme parks

It wasn’t expected to begin until tomorrow, but mask-free photos appear to now be acceptable at Walt Disney World theme parks.

At EPCOT’S main entrance today, Disney’s official PhotoPass photographers were telling guests they could pose mask-free. Guests in other areas of the park without PhotoPass were also able to take photos mask-free without being asked to mask-up.

As you would expect, most guests were taking up the offer and removing the masks for group pictures.

Disney announced its updated relaxed mask policy yesterday, which allows guests to remove masks when they are taking photos outdoors while socially distanced. Masks must be worn at all other times, in accordance with the original guidelines for the park’s reopening back in July 2020. Exceptions include when dining or swimming, and while actively eating or drinking, but must be stationary and maintain appropriate physical distancing.

Article Posted:
Apr 07, 2021 / 12:56pm ET

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