Hillsborough County 18-year-old arrested for social media post about school shooting | Orlando Area News | Orlando

An 18-year-old man from Lutz was arrested over the weekend for posting a seeming threat against area schools to social media.

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested Corey Anderson after he allegedly shared a photo of several guns and a tactical vest with the caption “Hey Siri, directions to the nearest school.”

Upon further investigation, HCSO found that the pictured weapons were actually airsoft guns. Anderson was still charged with making a “written or electronic threat to conduct a mass shooting or act of terrorism.”

“This type of threat is unacceptable. This man intentionally instilled fear into our community as a sick joke, but be warned, this is no laughing matter,” said Sheriff Chad Chronister in a statement. “We will do everything within our power to apprehend, and pursue charges on those who make school-based threats.”

Police departments all around the country are on high alert following a shooting in Texas that left 19 elementary schoolers and two teachers dead. The inaction of local police in that case, who sat outside the school for an hour while the gunman roamed inside, has opened up debate around the country about the usefulness of police forces and America’s relatively lax gun regulations.

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