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Head salesman first to be removed from the Jungle Cruise as rework gets underway

Work is now officially underway on the changes to the Jungle Cruise at Magic Kingdom, with “head salesman” Trader Sam being the first to go.

Imagineer Zach Riddley posted over the weekend that guests may start to notice some “monkey business along the river,” and right on cue, we see the first signs of that today. Obviously sales have been shrinking for Trader Sam over the past decades, so his removal is hardly a surprise.

The changes and additions will be incorporated in phases over the next couple of months, and it will not result in any closure of the ride.

Learn more about the upcoming changes to the Jungle Cruise.

Disney announced back in January 2021 that it plans to update the Jungle Cruise with new additions to add “more humor, wildlife and skipper heart – and also reflect and value the diversity of the world around us.”

Disney has not yet offered a timeline of when the changes will be completed, but has indicated that it will be coming “later this year.”

Article Posted:
Apr 05, 2021 / 8:46am ET

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