Harmonious water fountain testing underway at EPCOT

Crews at EPCOT were busy earlier this morning testing the fountain effect on one of the Harmonious show platform barges in World Showcase Lagoon.

This image, captured by Brooke Geiger McDonald on Twitter shows one of the fin shaped barges delivering some impressive height from its onboard fountain nozzles.

Looking at the image closely, you can see the 6 story central icon ring barge to its right, and the fountain appears to be higher than that.

See the original tweet for video of the fountain in action.

The fountains will be used during the main nighttime show, and during the daytime to disguise the show platforms.

Disney is yet to announce an opening date, but hopes remain for an opening by the Walt Disney World 50th on October 1 2021.

Article Posted:
Mar 05, 2021 / 9:32am ET

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