Florida Senate gives suspended state attorney 15 days to request hearing over abortion law-related suspension | Florida News | Orlando

The Florida Senate on Monday gave suspended Hillsborough County State Attorney Andrew Warren 15 days to request a Senate hearing that could determine whether he is reinstated or removed from office.

The Senate sent a letter Monday stemming from Gov. Ron DeSantis’ move Aug. 4 to suspend Warren. DeSantis cited a pledge by the twice-elected state attorney to not enforce a new law preventing abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy.

Warren, a Democrat, has vowed to fight DeSantis’ effort to ultimately remove him from office, with the Senate having authority under state law to hold a hearing and make a decision.

“If you request a hearing, you will receive a notice of hearing before a special master or committee containing the date, time and location of the hearing,” Debbie Brown, secretary of the Senate, wrote in the certified letter Monday to Warren. “If you do not wish to have a hearing, you may submit your resignation to the governor’s office.”

Warren will have 15 days to respond from when he receives the letter. Brown also wrote that a Senate process would be held in “abeyance” if Warren decides to launch a court challenge.

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