Florida Gov. RonDeSants responds to attacks from Donald Trump as Trump launches presidential campaign | Florida News | Orlando

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis dismissed “noise” from former President Donald Trump while speaking at Fort Walton Beach High School on Tuesday.

DeSantis responded to Trump calling him an “average governor” after he won a second term as Florida’s top executive. The newly re-elected governor said in a news conference that the “incoming fire” doesn’t matter. He went on to call the lopsided election “the greatest Republican victory in the state of Florida.”

“We’re focused on results and leadership. At the end of the day, I’d tell people to go check out the scoreboard from last Tuesday night,” DeSantis said/

DeSantis defended his  results from Trump who claimed masterminded DeSantis’ first gubernatorial win.

“I don’t think any governor got attacked more, particularly by corporate media, than me over my four-year term. And yet, I think what you learn is, all that’s just noise. And really what matters is, are you leading?” he said. “Are you getting in front of issues? Are you delivering results for people? And are you standing up for folks? And if you do that, then, none of that stuff matters.

Trump has been on DeSantis’ case ever since rumblings started that the governor might seek higher office. He recently said that the Florida governor came to him in 2017. Trump described DeSantis, who was campaigning for his first term then as in “desperate shape” and “politically dead.”

Trump is backing up his talk with action, announcing his 2024 campaign earlier this week. The former prez made the decision to run in spite of numerous investigations hanging over his head and the seeming animosity of the wider Republican party. DeSantis has yet to confirm or deny any plans to run for president.

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