Fifth and final major piece of hardware now in World Showcase lagoon for the upcoming Harmonious show at EPCOT

The fifth and final show platform barge for the upcoming Harmonious nighttime spectacular is now in place in World Showcase lagoon at EPCOT.

Named the “Germany” barge, the fin-shaped platform will provide fountains, LED screen and firework effects for the show.

See the video below for a look from various locations around World Showcase, and click the gallery for more pictures.

The barge was brought out overnight on Tuesday from the backstage marina where it was being assembled.

With all the hardware now in the lagoon, it leaves crews with everything they need to finished preparing the show platforms with testing and programming.

An opening date for Harmonious is not yet available, although Disney has said they expect it to debut in 2021.

Article Posted:
Apr 07, 2021 / 10:58am ET

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