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Orlando is still feeling the impacts of the flooding wrought by Hurricane Ian

The City of Orlando on Sunday morning issued a citywide water usage advisory, warning Orlandoans against excessive of use of water. This is the result of a main break last night that resulted in an overflow of sewage into surrounding lakes and streets in several neighborhoods.

The city’s sanitary sewer system, already under stress from the flooding wrought by Hurricane Ian, suffered a 36-inch force main break late Saturday night. This breach impacted a trio of city-owned lift stations,  causing sewage sewage to spill into the nearby lakes.

The three lift stations in question are:

Lift Station 1: 1132 E. South St.

Lift Station 2: 1000 N. Garland Ave.

Lift Station 3: 1200 Lake Shore Drive

Malfunctions at these three lift stations most immediately impact the neighborhoods of Audubon Park, Mills 50, College Park and Lake Ivanhoe.

Residents are encouraged against activities that involve excessive use of water, including pressure washing, lawn-watering, laundry, lengthy showers, dishwashing and the like. City officials warn that water overuse at this particular stage will only overtax already weakened water systems citywide, causing more sewage overflows.

The City of Orlando is also asking residents to not use the lakes, or even standing water, near the three lift stations: Lake Lawsona, Lake Concord, Lakes Estelle and Lake Rowena.

This city-wide water advisory is in effect until further notice.

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