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The final polls before today’s primary election show Charlie Crist running away with the Democratic Party nomination for the upcoming governor’s race.

In a poll by St. Pete Polls shared by Florida Politics, nearly 60% of likely voters said they were voting for Crist. Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried netted nearly 30% of likely voters. Only 11% of poll respondents said they were undecided. That swing vote bloc doesn’t put Fried within spitting distance of Crist. The poll of over 1600 voters has a 2.4% margin of error.

Crist has previously served as Florida’s governor, winning the role as a member of the state’s Republican Party. He served in several roles as a Republican in the state, starting with the state senate, moving up to attorney general and education commissioner and eventually winning the governor’s mansion.

He left the party after they refused to support him in a bid for US Senate. He ran for governor against Rick Scott as a Democrat, losing by the seemingly traditional single percentage point. He has since served as a representative in the US House. 

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