Campaign ad accuses Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz of being FBI informant in Mar-a-Lago raid | Florida News | Orlando

A new ad from a Republican challenger to Florida congressman Matt Gaetz suggests that the Chipley rep might have given the FBI crucial information ahead of their raid on Donald Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago.

The ad from Panhandle GOP challenger Mark Lombardo paints Gaetz as angry over his lack of a pardon from the former president. Gaetz —who is currently the focus of a sex-trafficking probe from federal authorities — was seeking a preemptive pardon and was caught on a hot mic telling associate Roger Stone that presidential pardons were in the works.

The ad does nothing to substantiate its claim that Gaetz was the informant, however. It does take time to point out some of the shady crowd that Gaetz runs with, noting he hired convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s attorney to deal with his most-recent legal trouble. That trouble comes in the form of Gaetz associate and convicted sex trafficker Joel Greenberg, who is cooperating with the FBI in several investigations.

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